Saturday, September 21, 2013

An Excellent End Of The Week….

It’s a great relief to see that people have appreciated you and the efforts that you have put in the work. That’s the same feeling which I get, almost every week, when I am able to finish my session on a good note. Nothing is more satisfying to see that the delegates are able to understand that particular module, which we have finished in the session, in a little more better way. There must be satisfaction and interest in whatever you are doing and if these two factors are there, you are always going to like what you are doing-like me!

That’s the same what happened this week as well.

I had come to here, Kolkata, straight from my last assignment which was at Singapore. The session at Singapore got concluded on a very good note but I was really concerned about this current week. The reason for this was that the module which I had to take on this week is probably the most toughest ones to deliver. And on top of this, the delegates that were expected to come, were supposed to be all very senior folks. So if you have to deliver a very tough module to very experienced guys, it can’t be called walk in the garden in any ways. And guess what, just the day I landed here, I got fever and it is still here, till today. It’s so tough to speak, concentrate when you have body ache, fever, cold and headache but somehow, I managed to not let all of these effect me. Probably, another reason was that the delegates were really good and friendly, who all the time kept the environment in the session very warm.

As I mentioned, the delegates were really kind and friendly, there were a lot of fun moments when we were discussing,in the off times, about many other things besides database. For example, politics was one topic which kept on popping up again and again, followed by many other things. But besides all these, there were lots and lots of technical discussions, some thing which I really like to see happening. When you see the people sitting in front of you interested to hear, you automatically push yourself to share more. So overall, it was a good lot of technical knowledge sharing. The delegates left with a smile on their face and also gave very-very kind comments in the final rating. Thanks so much everyone! It was a great week spent with all of you and I would really like to meet you all in the future for some other session.

Now, it’s time to get ready and wait for the cab to arrive and take me to the airport so that I can start my travel back to home.


Anonymous Suman Aich said...

Hi Aman,

Nice you hear your experience in Kolkata.

It was a nice experience at the session.


October 05, 2013 11:07 PM  
Anonymous Suman Aich said...

Hi Aman,

It was a nice experience for the participants like me also.

We also expect your next visit to Kolkata.

October 05, 2013 11:09 PM  

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