Friday, June 21, 2013

Travelogue & Thoughts….

I am sitting at the Starbucks right now. Just had a cappuccino along with a sandwich. It’s still 3 hours more before I shall be boarding my flight. As I said before, it’s going to be a long and tiring day and may be that wasn’t enough, the check-in staff played a practical joke with me as well. I specifically asked for “no emergency seat” and guess what I got? So I spent the last 2 hours sitting upright and it’s again going to be happening for another 5 hours in just a while. I am just not sure what do because I know the flight would be full and it wouldn’t be possible to change the seat because not anyone else also would be so willing to exchange his/her seat with an emergency one. I shall try for sure but I am not keeping very high hopes.

Before I ordered my coffee, I walked around the place for almost an hour. I am sure a lot must have changed here but still, it appears the same to me, just like what I saw when I came here for the first time. And that was even the first time for me to travel abroad as well. Heck not even abroad, anywhere on my own. People who know me well, they are aware about the fact that I have a very sharp memory so while walking today, I saw two places which I remembered instantly. One was a bench where I spent one night. Why is not going to be answered but I spotted it today and how did I remember that it was the same bench because just opposite to it is a shop and the ambience around it. And another one was  a phone booth. Again, I remember it with a landmark. It’s all same, just like it was many moons ago.

I have ordered another cup of coffee while this song is playing on loop on my iPod.


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