Friday, June 28, 2013

Exhausted But Contended As Well….

I have finished my this week’s session today. If you are a regular here you would be aware that I was traveling to Cambodia the last week before coming here and how tough that entire trip was! This week also was not of any difference. Though the module that I had to deliver this week was the one which I knew already but it is such a kind of module that every time when I step in the room to deliver it, I feel a chill in my spine. The reason for it is that the not only the module is very tough but also that there is a LOT of the content in it and because of these two things, I have to speak a lot, at times even without taking any breaks for a very long time. And this happened in this week as well. The level of complexity became even more higher because of the delegates that I had in my session-very experienced and techie group! But that’s what make the module interesting as well because if the delegates are not able to understand what you want to convey to them, your interest dies and that’s not a good sign.

There were a lot of discussions and as I said that the whole group was very experienced, there were few very tricky questions raised by them as well! I hope I was able to give my best to ensure that the delegates had a good session and it was worth of their time spent there! Today when we finished the sessions, I came to know from few of them that they had been knowing about me already and were told by their colleagues and friends that if he(me) is coming for the session than don’t be worried, it would be indeed a good one! Now, that’s a big compliment and are very kind words! I felt very humbled hearing such kind remarks. All the delegates met very nicely after the end of the session and mentioned that they would be looking forward to meet me again next time in some other session. Now, that’s a good sign that the session did go well indeed! Thanks a bunch to all of them for coming to my session and for hearing me out and also for being so kind, friendly and respectful towards me! Hope I would be able to meet them soon.

I finished the session a little early than I expected and of this miscalculation of the expected timing for the session’s ending, I would need to spend a little more time over here (few extra hours) before I would be able to start the travel for home. Not sure what’s the reason but I am feeling so restless. I can’t think of any reason for such feeling but yes, it’s there and it’s very strong too!Also, I am having a really bad mood as well at the moment too. So it’s going to be a long night and with such an internal state of mind, a long travel as well! Just hoping and wishing that I reach home asap and also this that my mind gets a little bit of relaxation as well! Not sure it would happen or not though!


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