Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cambodia Tour Wrap-up & Health….

Yes, I am back from Cambodia. If you have read my last few posts, you must be knowing that it wasn’t a very smooth sailing tour from many angles but a mix of many things.  But finally, like any other tour of mine, it also is finished now and I am back at home and also,  I am back to going hospital and taking medicines. More on medicine and hospital later though. First, let’s talk about the tour.

Cambodia was one place where I hadn’t never traveled before and also, I didn’t ever plan also to be honest since I never tried to explore about the place. But as I believe that wherever you are destined to go, you would go there for sure doesn’t matter what, finally I got an assignment scheduled to this place and that’s how I ended up visiting there as well. As you might have read from the other post of mine, the tour didn’t start on a very good note as my luggage didn’t arrive from the connecting flight-something that never did happen with me before and I really wish it won’t happen ever again too. Anyways, I won’t repeat all that thing here again because its all mentioned here. The tour in general was okay. Though the rating of my second session wasn’t really so good overall though the section which was specific to me has a good score, still I am not upset with the overall tour. The people, entire staff at the customer site was very friendly and helpful and also were very kind. Two person are must for me to mention without whose help, I couldn’t have survived for a single day at that place and they are Abhishek and Chaitnya. These were two Indian folks who were also at the same site but were looking after some another project. Since they were both also strict vegetarians like me, they helped me immensely in finding out some Indian food joints and also, being so kind, once they brought food for me as well which they cooked themselves. I mean, that’s what you call being really helpful and kind, don’t you? A big thanks to both the guys for being so kind and helpful. I hope we three can meet some other time soon.

My journey back to home did start very early, at about 2pm when I left from my hotel to the airport. But I had a long wait to do before I could actually start my travel because my flight was leaving from Phnom Penh to Bangkok at 7:30pm local time and I had a long rather, very LONG time to kill. Now since I had a lot of time in my hand and also, I had a bad taste in my mouth from my arrival journey of delayed luggage, I decided to grill the airline staff for the same and to ensure that this won’t happen again! Fortunately for me, the chief of ground operations was standing on the counter and when he heard my whole story, he ensured that it won’t happen this time. He instructed the lady on the counter to put the appropriate tags on my luggage and to double check about the transfer tags which would ensure that I shall get my luggae safely and without any issues at India. He also instructed that even though he is going to ensure that I am going to get the ongoing boarding pass for the connecting flight as well, I still must check with the transfer counter of my airline at the Bangkok airport and make them assure me that my luggage is actually loaded on the on-going flight. A very important and useful tip it was for me TBH. Anyways, I had to wait so I kept on sitting quietly with my left leg safely put on the seat because of the stitches. When you have nothing to do and wait, its a real painful thing to do but I had no other choice. Finally, the check-in was announced and as I was promised, I was taken well care of at the check-in counter by the ground staff. Finally, I was having some time free to grab something to eat as I was starving-remember I left the hotel at 2pm without having anything. I had a piece of cake with a cup of Espresso coffee and now, was sitting and waiting for the flight to be announced. It was supposed to be 7:30ppm when we had to fly but due to late arrival of the flight, we started at 8:15pm. Still, the pilot ensured that we won’t spend much time in the air and we landed at Bangkok airport at 9:20pm. It is worth to mention that the same flight took 90 minutes when I came down. Anyways, I had to go the security and then en-route to the transfer counter. It was (still is) very painful to walk because of the stitches but you got to do what you got to do. When I reached the transfer counters , I was told that since my flight is at 6:50am in the morning, the counter would be opened at 4am. So it means, it was another very long wait for about 9 hours. Since I had nothing in the flight because they had nothing what can be called vegetarian, I was really hungry. So I ordered a veg. Paasta , a water bottle and a Cappuccino. It was going to be a long time and whenever there is such incident that I have to wake up early in the morning, I can’t sleep. So after having that little “dinner”, I just sat on a bench, popped out my ipod and started listening songs and also started watching those hundreds of other passengers and what they were doing. Its just so amazing to see how funny people can be even on a public place like an airport. If you know me, that’s one of my favorite things to do anyways and I had a lot of time in my hand to do so too!

Finally, it was 4am and I was standing on the counter of the Jet Airways. The lady sitting there was extremely helpful and she confirmed me that my luggage has got a “through-check-in” and I should be getting it at New Delhi. But , yes here also was a tip given, she suggested that I should ask at the time of the boarding confirmation of my luggage since that’s the time when the luggage would actually get into the flight and if there would be any confusion or issue, it can be checked at that time. Since I really didn’t want to wait for my luggage at Delhi as my leg was really hurting, I decided to do this too. It was time to grab another cup of coffee and this time, I chose a Latte.  It was about 5:30am when the boarding was announced and the staff at the counter called and confirmed that luggage is getting loaded. Finally, I had a sigh of relief and boarded the flight with a smile. I thought that I shall catch some sleep in the flight but that didn’t happen as there was a lot of turbulence. So I was forced to watch the in-flight entertainment system and I saw two movies The Bank Job and Chronicle. I am not sure that I liked the movie Chronicle much but the former one was good. There was light breakfast that was served and finally, we landed safely at New Delhi’s international airport. I was having extreme pain in my leg and fortunately, my luggage came almost instantly. I had called a cab already since traveling in a bus wasn’t under my ability at that moment. At last, after almost 15 days, I was going back to home, having mixed feelings of happiness and worry-both! Feeling of happiness is easy to understand I believe. About worry, I shall explain next. Keep on reading.

If you are a regular here, you would be knowing that I had met with a car accident-a major one actually and how the (stupid) doctor decided to stitch my wound after 20 days. I can’t express in words that how very painful the whole task was for me to bear! It would take a lot to make me scream with pain and that doctor did make me reach to that point. I couldn’t walk for 3 days after getting those stitches and guess what, I had to travel that very day to Cambodia. Anyways, I have mentioned it all in my last post. Finally, the stitches were there and I took a great deal of care to not put my leg in any sort of pressure or make it stand for a longer time in addition to get the dressing done every day and also to have the medicine properly. The wound was okay in all of these days . Yes the stitches were definitely there and I was so desperate to get back and let the doc cut them and tell me that its all sorted out now. Finally, I was back at home but I couldn’t visit doctor for two days because there was some tension related to work that came up. In these two days, I didn’t have the medicine and also didn’t do the dressing because the wound was looking dried up and almost healed. But from the night of the 2nd day, I was feeling a little pain in my leg. I thought it would be something related to stitches but that was just my thought process. Before going to that doctor who had done stitches on my leg, I decided to go and check at Appolo hospital. The doctor over there told me that its all fine and I can go and get the stitches cut. It was good to hear that so next stop was my doctor who was treating me since day 3( I didn’t take any medicine in the first two days of the accident). He saw me and dropped a bomb right away that I must had got the stitches cut in about 5 days. HUH? When the heck you told me to do that doc, I asked? He said, I did ask you to do so. Now, I really don’t remember when that idiot had said that to me and I am not so bad in remembering things so I am pretty sure that he didn’t. Anyways, he got the stitches out and said, its all fine. But it wasn’t. My leg was hurting and it was a dark red circle enclosing my wound. By next day, walking even had become so painful for me. I once again went to Appolo hospital and doc there told me that its indeed infection which has come up. Even he was surprised that how it could happen because just one day prior, he checked me and it was all good. He gave me medicines and asked me to come for a re-checkup on Tuesday. So at the moment, its been 44 days of my accident and I am still having medicines, applying the ointment on the wound and praying that it must be healed as soon as possible. And to be honest, I am really worried and scared as well. Its been so many days and finally, when I had a hope that its going to get better now, once again this infection has came up. I have nothing in my hands except to have medicine and visit doctor when he would ask me to. But I am becoming really desperate or you can also say, impatient now. There is a lot that is on my shoulders and the last can I ask for is another worry and that too related to my own health. Hope god would be kind and it gets healed somewhat soon.

I am on break for next week as well for Rakhi. Its been 2 years that I had to miss it because of my travel but this year , I was determined not to let that happen. Hope this break would help me in getting healed as well.


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