Monday, July 02, 2012

Amazing Poetic Masterpieces(Again)….

Its Monday morning but I am at home thankfully, just waiting for the clinic to get open so that I can visit my doctor. So what can be more better than surfing the web for some amazing poetries isn’t it? And when you are out for looking something, it has to come to you so here are two for today which I found just superb. Have a read,

Mujhe bhi sikha do bhool jane ka hunar,
Mujhse yøon raato'n ko uth uth kar ab roya nahi jata!


And its translation in English is,

Some one please teach me too the art of forgetting,

I can’t cry staying awake all the night anymore!


And here is the 2nd one,

Meri aankho'n me chupi udaasi ko mehsoos to kar, aye dost!
Hum wo hain, Jo sabko hansa kar raat bhar rotey hain!!


And its translation in English is,

Try to look deeper in my eyes to find the hidden sadness in them my friend,

I am one of those who cry all nightlong after making all smile the whole day!


Ain’t they are amazing but as always, for some , these would be just two lines!

Have a happy Monday everyone!


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