Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Week Ended & Am NOT Happy….

I am sitting here in my session room. Finally, this week is also finished and as I said, I am not feeling so happy about it. Some how, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be a smooth ride at all and that’s the same which happened. Right from the travel to the hotel and now, even to the session, anything and everything was a bumpy ride. I am sitting here in my room alone now trying to spend some time alone with myself and also trying to think about everything(and writing it here too) and as I said, I am not feeling so happy. To be honest, I am feeling so damn angry!

For this week’s session, I had to come to Singapore(where I am right now). Besides the long flight, I was having another two week’s session at Banglore. My flight was supposed to fly from Delhi to Singapore in the morning 7am. Now, whenever this is the case that I have to travel in the morning, I never can get to sleep. You may call it extremely stupid but I always think that I may not wake up and shall miss the flight. So I shall force myself to stay awake, take a bath and leave for the airport. You can imagine that how tiring it can be when you don’t get a sleep and have to take two flights to finish your travel. And when on the next day, its Monday and you have a time difference of +2.5 hours, its highly unlikely that you would be able to take any rest whatsoever.

But that’s not so bad!

Not getting sleep and feeling tired is still okay, but you check in a hotel which is far away than its charges, you suffer even more. And matters become worst when you come to know that you don’t have enough cash to do the check in for the required number of days.

Did I say that I had a feeling that this trip won’t go so smooth?

When I reached my hotel, IbIs Hotel Singapore, I came to know that I am carrying cash only sufficient for two days of check in and not for the 5 days for which I had to stay. Why did it happen? Don’t ask me, I am not responsible that’s all I can say and its true,trust me! I had to give the entire cash that I had with me leaving very less which I needed to carry for hiring the cab and all daily. I made few calls, informed to some people who were supposed to manage it well in the first place and checked in my room. When I entered in my room, another shock was waiting for me.

I have stayed in many hotels and guest houses of all kinds of stars and moons ratings. Most of the times, I am in a budget hotel only. Now, budget hotels are basically having a limited set of facilities but normally, they DO have them. I won’t consider not having an in-room dining or a porter to carry your luggage to the room a big issue. But what you would say when you pay 285SGD$ for a night charge and the hotel doesn’t even provides you a freaking water bottle even but mention that the washroom’s tap water is “safe to drink” ?I mean come on, that’s just bullshit! For what you are charging such a high amount then god damn it! Yeah, that’s what the shock which was waiting for me when I entered in the room. And this was two single bed room, again something which was of no use to me in anyways. Worst, I couldn’t even club the two single beds together too since they were locked with the wall. Great! I just went to sleep without eating anything since I was so dead tired and there was a session that I had to take in the morning. If not food, at least was needed for me. And a suggestion, if you are coming to Singapore and are actually willing to pay such a heavy price as room rent, add a little more and stay in a good hotel. Ibis is good for nothing, trust me!

You must be wondering that I didn’t mention anything about the session by now. Well, that’s also something which I can’t say that I am very happy about. Why? Well, I wish I could put in details here but I can’t. So very briefly, its not ME who decides which module would be sold or bought by whom and what is written why in the book? I try to supplement it with a lot of stuff that’s NOT actually there. So if there is something wrong on these fronts, its not me who has done it. I guess I should stop here and say no more.

This week’s session is finished and I shall be moving towards the airport in an hour or so. The flight of mine is VERY late and as I have already checked out from the hotel, the only place where I can go is the airport. I have another session scheduled in the next week so I shall be going for it next. Hope that there are no more shocks waiting for me anywhere. I am not inn a mood at all for anything like that right now.

Oh and BTW, the good people here took care of my hotel issue and made sure that I didn’t get to face any issues related to it. Thanks so much everyone for it! It was a big burden on my head and I can’t thank you enough for sorting it out for me so quickly!

Time to get a cup of coffee, after that , travel starts!


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