Saturday, February 04, 2012

After A Long Time….

Its been more than a month that I have written anything. In case anyone remembers, I had my birthday on the 22nd of January and I thought I shall write about it and mention it on that day but there was a lots of tension (and still there is) at home at that time so I just dropped the idea. Though it was a day filled with so much of (silent) chaos, two friends of mine made my day. One ordered and sent for me a cake at my home in the mid night and another brought a cake for me to cut at home. I can’t say enough thanks to both to make me , mom and my sister smile despite all the tensions and bad things happening. And I also can’t say enough thanks to all those many friends of mine who did send me their wishes through various other methods. Thank you so much guys. Its you only who keep me going in the tough times and I can just say this thanks to you, that’s all! And to show the proof that I was really happy, here is the link for the pictures taken at that time. Yes, its me covered completely in cake!

Though I really wished to write about all this on that day itself and also about this that I am feeling so damn terribly upset, I just got struck in many many tasks, things, issues and even when I was at home, I just couldn’t say anything at all. Today, after finishing my session and doing well in it, when I am having a weekend free with me, I thought I shall write few lines. I still don’t know and not sure that about what I want to write about though but after cracking my head, I just decided to throw away some random thoughts(not an unusual thing for me to do over I guess) since its my blog and I can write whatever I want and about whichever topic I want Smile .

I just finished this week’s session yesterday. The topic that was there in the session is among the most tough ones and though , I have delivered it couple of times, it still gives me tension whenever I go for it. Fortunately, it did go well, in fact it did go very well. There were few delegates whom I knew already and are friends and there were some new delegates as well. Though all the delegates were very experienced ones but few among them were REALLY good, something which can be taken as both a good or bad thing depending on how you take it. I take it as a very good way because presence of such delegates makes me feel that how less I know and how much still is out there for me to learn. One of the delegates from such category, Tanmay even contributed in the session and shared his wealth of knowledge with all of us. Thanks to him and his shared knowledge, for me, finishing the last chapter became really easy and obviously, I learned few bits myself. As I always, a session can be called good , according to me at least, if the ratings are also good and this did happen. The delegates gave an awesome rating score to me and also gave some very kind comments. I don’t like to share them here but one comment which I got was, “one of the best instructors to live with” . Now, I don’t know who gave it but I must say, I was so very happy to read it. Thanks so much everyone for being so kind and for such kind words. I shall surely be looking forward to meet you all soon in some other program.

Other than session, there is a lot of chaos happening at home. I can’t mention that what is there but its good enough to keep me awake in the nights. And just like the icing on the cake, I am not well from last almost 10 days, with fever and cold enjoying their stay with me a little too much. I have two days free with me (or may be its one and a half day now) so I shall try to finish some unfinished tasks in this time besides trying to take some rest. There is a lot that I need to do and somehow,  I am just not able to make up my mind to get up and do it.

I have been asked a lot that where I am, why I am not replying to emails, messages or anything like that. I guess, the above post should give a little idea. I haven’t written much since last some time and I shall resume the normal pace of blogging now, hopefully!


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