Tuesday, January 11, 2011


No, that’s not BlackBerry I meant, it means Back Bitching. Yeah, I know that the words are not really polite but I am also not in a mood to be nice today either. I am nice( almost all the time) but when I am in bad mood, well I can just say that I am not so nice at that time. That’s exactly how I am feeling right now. I don’t know what business speaking bad about people or talking things taken out of the context about someone does any good for anyone since I don’t do it myself but I have seen it today happened with me. I may not know how it’s done but I surely am feeling the outcome of it!

I have got a call today from a colleague telling me that one another colleague is upset over me. When I asked why, he said that someone ( he didn’t tell who, he didn’t know actually) told to that “other colleague” of mine some bad things that eventually I have spoken. WTH! I did hear the matter and called that upset colleague and clarified that it was most probably a statement or two taken completely out of context and have been passed on to him. I have shared a good working relation with them so they know me that I am not this kind of person. He mentioned that it’s fine and he just wanted to get this thing out from his heart and asked me that that I should do the same too. Well, I am not sure about the “getting it out of my heart” business that it will happen or not but I am truly, really, completely upset at the moment.

I have learnt a lesson from what I have experienced today. It can be just a small thing but anyone, at any moment can use it against you or convey it to others without thinking or bothering about any consequences that it may cause. So it’s just  better to keep quite, just be with yourself and don’t think that just all are as nice as you are!  Lesson well learnt today in-fact. Oh yes, about back bitching, I think people just love to do it for god-knows reasons!


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