Saturday, January 08, 2011


The reason for that (short) title is that I have got couple of emails asking that where I am, am I alive or not , I have just ‘disappeared” :) . Well, I am alive, haven’t yet shifted to Mars and (unfortunately) haven’t got disappeared yet. I am at home from a week and shall be traveling tomorrow. Though I was at home, I still couldn’t write anything because of couple of things happening around. Not much out of those are sorted but still, I just thought would write a short travelogue before I shall start my travel of tomorrow.

I am at home since a week but most of the time, I was busy taking care of someone very special within the family. She is not well at all and in the last 4-5 days, she was really really not well at all. Since yesterday, she is a little better but still far from being called fine. Almost the entire time me and whole family spent taking care of her. As I am leaving tomorrow, the biggest tension on my mind is that she would remain fine and the medication that we have started now for her, should work. Besides this, I myself am not fine too. There has been almost all the time, constant and very headache which was there and is still present. I know the biggest reason for this is the lack of sleep which was unavoidable. There has been fever since yesterday. For this, partly I am responsible since I didn’t take much care of myself. But I was not at all worried about myself so not sure whom to put blame upon. I guess it’s on no one else but myself only. Headache was already there and out of no where, I had a small car clash :) . Well, should be said car and bike clash but it’s okay.

I don’t drive fast and I believe, 10/10 times, I shall follow the traffic rules. So most of the times, when I shall meet with an accident on the road, however big or small, it wont be because I have broken some rule and tried to become a Hero but because, someone else would be trying to become a Hero or an Heroine. The same did happen in this week as well when a car driver, in a hurry to cross the signal soon, hit my scooter from the side and I fell down with my forehead kissing the handle. Though I didn’t become unconscious or so but it did bring a (little) big swelling and a small cut too. I was so upset with the driver but didn’t say anything to him. Not much happened but still, I can’t say that it was small as somehow a lot of people were around me asking how I am and for a minute, I wa able to see stars and moon and sun and what not in front of my eyes :) . Again, not a “new” experience for me but still, as like always, not a pleasant one as well. Besides all this, there has been tons of things moving around within my mind thus making the “mental” side also not so well. I am not in a very good mood and not able to see it getting better anytime soon as well.

I shall be leaving tomorrow for a session. To be honest, I really have no interest in going for travel tomorrow. Yes, you may say that the reason is health but that’s not really is the blocking factor. It’s the mental side which is the reason. But whatever it may be, it’s personal to me and can’t be used as an excuse. So it’s okay. The session is going to be a real tough one so let’s see what happens. I hope I shall be able to manage things, rest time will tell. It’s too cold here so I shall grab a cup of tea now before would start doing the packing of my luggage.


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