Saturday, January 08, 2011

An Amazing Poetry….

I have just got an email which had a small but amazing poetry. So good that I couldn’t stop myself from putting it here. I am not aware about the name of the poet to give the due credit at the moment. If anyone knows, please let me know via comment and I shall give the credit to the poet(s) as (s)he truly deserve it.

The poetry is in Punjabi and no prize for guessing that I shall be translating it to English. So without further delay, here it is,

Ajj oh mainu russe nu manaun aayi,
Saare gile-shiqve mitaun aayi!
Main chup-chap sunda reha,
Ajj jad oh dil da haal sunaun aayi!
Ro ro k usne mangi muafi,
Ajj oh apne ton bewafa da daag jad mitaun aayi.
Main khudgarz peya hi reha,
Uth ke us de hanjhu v naa poonjh sakeya,
Jo meri qabar te ajj deewa jagaun aayi!

And here is it’s translation in English,

Today she came to please me,
To settle all the disputes and quarrles.
I kept on listening to her quitely,
When she came to me today to reveal her heart out.
She said sorry million of times while being in tears,
When she came today to wash the black mark fromm her forehead of being heartless.
I selfish kept lieing down only,
I couldn't even get up to wipe her tears too,
When she today came to my grave to lit the candle.

The last two lines are just so powerful and I am sure, most would understand that the meaning of them is that when that girl came to see the guy, he was already sleeping in his grave, he was already dead! What more I can say except superb .

Once again, if you know the poet, let me know his(her) name and I shall edit the post and will put credits in place.


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