Monday, November 29, 2010


Sleep and thoughts, these are like two step-sisters who really don’t like each other. Only one can stay in the room of eyes at one time. The moment both get together, you can be assured that they won’t like each other and will fight. Most of the times, its the sleep who has to run away. Thoughts never get over-powered by sleep because unlike sleep, they have no dependency on anything like eyes must be closed for example. Thoughts, along with their buddy, mind, are always around, irrespective the eyes are open or closed. There is not such a big thing to not to have sleep in the eyes but the bigger question is, what to do when you are not sleepy and can’t do what you want to do at that time too? And to make things more crispy, thoughts just keep on doing aerobics in the courtyard of your mind when you are thinking all this! I have gone mad? No, there is no such thing. I am just lost in thoughts and can’t do what I want to right now so I am just trying to make my own self smile a little bit, a not so easy thing to do if you ask me and also doesn’t happen much, at least truly, if you know me and on top of all this, especially when you are sitting all alone at 1:29am. Hmmm may be reading something about Oracle Database would help :) .


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