Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Good Laugh When It Was Most Needed….

This is really going to be a short one because I am in a terrible condition at the moment physically (and also mentally) . I haven’t slept much since past couple of days and I am sure, with the present state of mine, its not going to happen anytime soon for next couple of days as well. Anyways, I was listening to To Phir Aao in a loop (have listened some 60 times already I believe since morning) and was checking OTN forums side by side. One thread caught my attention since the request given by the poster is really weird. Its like asking that how can I fit engine of a car of 1980 make in the most latest car available in 2010. I did ask him that what’s the reason he is willing to do so. He replied that his company’s most important program is not yet ready to get to the latest release of oracle database and also, 8i is a more reliable and easy to use version than the latest releases. Okay, I must admit, I didn’t have a smile from last couple of days on my face but this one, this thread made me laugh really really loud :) . I don’t know what I can say for that guy, for his company, about his company’s most important program but I do want to say thanks to him for giving me a much needed laugh :) . Now back to listening the same song and getting lost in thoughts :) . Oh yes, may be will take break to have medicine too only if I would remember doing it ;-) !


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