Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Times….

I am supposed to be on the bed at this moment when I am sitting and writing this post since I haven’t slept not even for a second in the past night. Why? Well, I won’t mention the reason of “why”  but I just to add to it, I haven’t slept much almost the entire last week. As I said, I won’t mention “why” here but the reason that I started the post from this as the opening line is that as a direct result of past sleepless night, I should have been on the bed at not here, writing this post. And to tell the truth, I was actually on the bed only before few thoughts hit my mind all of a sudden and don’t know where sleep went after that! So my eyes are wide awake, am feeling uneasy and having worries in heart.

I haven’t written much in the last week. Just to summarize a long story short, I didn’t feel like sitting and writing anything. Okay, leaving it apart, let’s just talk about the last week. I was out for a program in this week and I just managed to finish it. It went for an entire week and it went really well. There were amazing guys in the session, intelligent, friendly and very co-operative. We had a very good time discussing things about oracle database and even other stuff as well, like music, food , culture and what not! The place where I was, I can’t recall at all that ever it happened there that delegates have asked an instructor to take a snap with them. Fortunately and thanks to so kind delegates of this session, I can proudly say that I got this privilege this time and may be I am the first one also to get such kind gesture from the delegates. All I can say to them is thanks a bunch guys for treating me so good! I hope we can meet some time soon again!

While coming back also, there were some pleasant things which did happen. When I reached bus stand and was looking for the bus, I heard a bus conductor giving voices for my place. I approached him and found that it was not a normal bus but an air-conditioned bus which has a high fair. Fortunately. I had exactly the same cash with me what was bus’s fare. I smiled and told the conductor that I do have the fare with me, to which he smiled back and said, “no probs bai(brother in Punjabi), even if wouldn’t had, I would have taken you along” . A very nice example of the friendly nature of Punjabi’s, something over which I am always proud! When the bus stopped, he especially asked me to come with him and asked whether I shall have dinner? I didn’t have anything except a cup of tea at the airport but I wasn’t feeling like eating anything as well. Again, I won’t mention the reason why I wasn’t feeling like eating in the first place. Anyways, so I just said that I won’t have anything but a cup of tea should be okay. So me, conductor, driver and a helper, we all had tea together. I am always like this that if I would like someone, I would also treat him like my brother only, making sure that I serve him really well and take good care of him. And when I see the same done by someone else, I feel really really happy to see that still, there are some people who have a good heart in them. It was just great to be treated like that!

I am having some free time with me but I am not happy. I guess, its probably the third time I am going to say( or may be the fourth time, not sure) that I won’t mention the reason of this as well. I have finished my work related stuff just now and now would be reading some thing. What? Well, something which I won’t mention here LOL ! I think, post’s title should have been,I won’t mention isn’t it? ;-) 


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