Saturday, September 25, 2010

Got To Go….

Yes, my (unexpected) break is over and I am leaving tomorrow. I believe, this time I shall be gone for some longer duration since there are couple of programs lined up for me. To make things more spicy, all of them are hectic but I am looking forward to take over one specific program which is very hectic but for me but will be a giant step ahead in my technical skill set. There are some programs that I have set up for me which I need to finish and start delivering ASAP and I am working hard to do so too. I hope that I would be able to stick to my plan. I am having a really bad headache at the moment so won’t be going more longer. Besides headache, thoughts have taken control of my mind and its thinking too much and too deeper at this moment so its better that I go and get lost in my own dreamland(or whatever it can be called). But before leaving, I would share this awesome piece of poetry from Mohsin Naqvi which are striking in my mind like a hammer at the moment,

Kuch dinon ke liye chalo duniya ko chhod kar chalein Mohsin,

Suna hai log bahot yaad karte hain chale jaane k baad!

And its English translation is,

Let’s leave this world for few days and go away,

I have heard that people miss you a lot once you leave!


Wasn’t I correct when I said that my mind is running a little too fast and deeper! Signing off!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its soo truee.....when people leave this world is when people get discovered............... but too bad tht they dont get the comforts tht these people get these dayss.... it makes me sick as well.

September 29, 2010 5:33 AM  

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