Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Semi-Failed Shopping….

At times, when you really to get some thing and don't get it despite of your bestest efforts, it just makes you feel really bad! And if you are like me, who doesn't let things go so easily, you will be agreed that the level of frustration reaches to the 7th sky.  The same happened with me yesterday when 3rd attempt of mine for buying something got failed. Just for the record, it wasn't due to any fault of mine but truth remains truth, I still haven't got what I was looking for. Though I did have a very good time with a friend of mine, did do some shopping still but that feeling of satisfaction is not there. Sigh!

If you have read this blog post of mine ( and I would suggest to read before reading this one) , you must be aware that I spent a lot of time to find the brand of trousers that I wanted to get for me, Dockers! But I couldn't find it anywhere. Even when I went for the 2nd time with my sis, we still couldn't find it. Though we did buy few formal trousers but my quench for it was not satisfied. So I asked a friend of mine who is from Chandigarh that whether its there or not. She did check her sources and told me that its there! Wow! So I made up my mind and caught the bus to get there. I didn't see her from a long time so it was a good excuse to meet her as well. So finally I thought I made it and will have in my hands the trousers that I am really looking for! So we met and went to the showroom which was supposed to have Dockers! clothings. We were told that its not there anymore! Bummer! Obviously she being a gal, doesn't visit that showroom at any point of time so she couldn't possibly knew it already. She asked a guy who confirmed her. So it wasn't a mistake of her even! But we were back from where we started. She asked me to check some other showroom/brand but that wasn't something which I wanted to do. Anyways, we still went to showroom of Nautica only to find that there was a lousy sales guy( or gal, I am not sure what he was) that there is no new stuff that has come. Good! I did check a casual shirt only to find out that its arms were too long for me and he didn't have anything else to offer. Yeah he did ask us to check t-shirts, probably not knowing that its winters knocking on the door already which makes shopping of tees a complete waste. Anyways, we just came out with a bitter taste in our mouth. It was almost an hour of roaming around and we hadn't bought anything yet.

When we were doing this roaming-without-reasoning, my friend asked me to check some formal stuff at Zodiac. Its a brand from which I get my formal shirts and ties all the time. I just went inside with her and we started looking at shirts. She liked one and wanted me to get that shirt. Though there are couple of showrooms of Zod! in my place as well, still I did get that shirt for two reasons. One, its a real good shirt! Second, I had to get it because back of my mind, some where it was strickling that my friend must be feeling bad that I came all the way and would go empty handed( I was not going to buy anything else as the brand I wanted to get wasn't there) so I thought I would get it and I did buy it! Its a very nice piece of shirt and all at home too did like it very much. Over all a good shopping, with all credit to my friend for it!

We did spend some time roaming around after that. Had a really bad ice-cream which I threw away in just first 2 minutes after tasting it and she threw away after struggling for about 5 minutes LOL! After chatting for a while, roaming around, again sitting and chatting for a while, buying 2 States novel for her, I said good bye to her and started my commute back for home! I managed to get a seat in the air-conditioned bus , started by PunBus. I must say that I really did like the service. This was my first time and I would recommend it to anyone who would ask me about it. The best part was that I got REALLY impressed with the way both conductor and driver talked to me. I must say, I have never seen any of conductor and/or driver speaking with so much of respect! Hats off to both of them! After a sleepy journey of 2 hours, I was back at home.

You may have realized it already but just for the record, my mission-dockers is still not over! I am going to look for it in the very next opportunity again! Dockers, you can't escape from me LOL!


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