Saturday, October 17, 2009

Airtel & Twitter, A Promising Combination....

Twitter has gained a surprising popularity in a very short span of time. Almost everywhere you see, you can feel its presence. Some may call it time wastage( which is even true to some extent) but in a broader angel, its still one of the best mediums to stay connected with those whom you know and also with those whom you don't know personally. Looking at the immense popularity of it, there has been a flood of applications which have been created for almost all of the available platforms , either for a desktop or for a mobile device. All said and done, there are still not many who use all those features subject to the numerous limitations that they face, be it a device which can't go over web or they simply can't afford to have a web connection bill added to their monthly plan.  This may not be a very serious question elsewhere but in India, it surely is. But this shouldn't stop people from India from using Twitter, should it? The answer, if you ask me, is a big NO and Twitter just heard it I guess!

I was just reading Twitter's blog( I just go over there to see what's new is cooking on their side) like any other normal day only to see that Twitter has taken a very good initiative. Twitter has joined hands with Bharti(Airtel) to let its subscribers use its services via simple text messages! Yes you heard it right, text messages! No need to have a classy, over pricey mobile device, no need to have web enabled on your connection just for tweeting, just with the good old text messaging service, you can now enjoy being in the twitterverse! I believe this is a very good step. It would just make many many more people to be on the Twitter who were earlier not using it because they can't be sitting over their desktops/laptops all the time. At the moment when I am writing this, the tie-up is between Twitter and Bharti only, enabling only Airtel users to use this facility. But this may change very soon as Twitter would be joining hands for the same with other telecom players in the near future. When ever that would happen, at least the ball is rolling now and that's all what matters! Technology shouldn't be limited to few people only but should be available as widely and readily as possible for all and this move is just a one big step towards that direction!

Twitter, over its support page a complete page explaining the text commands which you can use over your hand phone. You need to save your hand phone number over its devices page. Once done, you can start using Twitter over your phone! Its just that simple!

It may be an old news to many but for me, its completely a breaking new! Still, being it an old or new news doesn't matter. What matters is that things are going in a good direction! Thank you Twitter for this initiative!


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