Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joke Of The Day....

Okay this will be a short one as I am traveling and having a tough time.  But this is something which I found very funny so thought to share with you. I got a call from Worldspace Radio sales person. He asked me that when he can come to me so that he would be able to present a demo of the Worldspace Radio and its services. He spent some time to explain to me about price, features and all that. Well I told him that I am traveling so I shall be available in my city after a while. But I was curious to know that he got my number? To this what he replied is some thing which made me jump off my seat and I couldn't stop laughing. He said that their company has the data and details of all the people in my city who are "extremely rich" and yours truly somehow got listed in the same list :-). Well I was able to say this only that this must be a mistake but he said no this isn't and he simply refused to listen anything what I was saying about that I am not at all any richy rich guy whatsoever. Well I asked him to call me some time later and hanged up. Not sure that I shall be going forward to buy that radio but surely  his information about me proved for me a good smile. Now lets see when it actually comes out to be true ;-)!


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