Friday, June 20, 2008

CCD & Small Arguement....

Cafe Coffee Day(CCD) is one place where I like to go whenever I get a chance and have some spare time. Alone? Well yeah I go alone most of the time. Seems like no one else likes coffee ;-). But yes I go alone as for me that time, I am just with my self. Its a great fun to sip coffee and watch people doing funny things all over the time. I have just been to CCD few days back with my sister and her friend. My sister wanted to do some shopping so I had to go along. While coming back, we sat in the new joint of CCD,3rd in my city. Well I didn't like the place at all. It didn't look like a cafe joint but rather a college canteen. Anyways I tasted a new taste(not so new but first time in CCD). I really want to go to my favorite joint and sit for some time there. The only problem is that I am not able to make up mind to go there. There are certain things happening which are stopping me from going there mentally. Lets see when I shall go?

Those who know me ,they will confirm this that I am not sort of a person who gets into arguments much. I prefer to stay out of them in my best powers. There are two reasons for it. One and the most important one is that I think its a total waste of time and energy to argue over something. Its okay if some one wants to say that he/she is right, let him/her enjoy this feeling. I am least bothered to prove that I am right. Second is that I can't support anything which I know for sure is wrong. If I see that I try always to say that this is not right,please don't say that or do that. And before saying that I have all the valid reasons with me to prove my point. And its not very often that my counters can be broken. Despite my best try that I don't get into arguments, some times it becomes unavoidable. The same sort of thing happened OTN forums this past week when I answered this question.   Well it turned out to be not-so-good thread. I generally prefer to guide people for the legal and ethical ways to get knowledge about Oracle rather than using any cheat-sheets or illegal means. But some how the other person was not agreed to this. I had to reply in some strong way. Though it did end with a good note but still, its something which I don't prefer to happen often.


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