Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hair Cut & A Nice Talk....

I went for an hair cut today in the morning. No there is nothing special about it :-). So when I was leaving from there, I saw one institute and I thought to go and have a sneak peak that whether it can help me in some things which I am looking floor.  I went to one floor up and than was sent back to the real place by a couple. Anyhow, I asked the lady on the reception about the details and she asked me to go to another cabin.  Wait alright lets see , I said to myself and I was there.  A lady came called Mona( manager over there) , very pleasant yet having a very impressive personality.  After formal introduction , I explained to her my purpose of visiting the place and also what I am looking for.  So she explained me all the points that she covers in her program and also discussed about what I may need and how would I get that?Well it was a long chat.  I really took a lot of time of hers and I must say that she never said a word even. We discussed a lot of things and I must say that she is a very patient listener.  My impression and vision about her came out that she is a nice, kind hearted , down to earth and intelligent lady.  She heard all what I said and gave some very nice suggestions.  I have no idea on earth what she had thought about me but I hope its not too bad coz of my never ending questions :-).On the whole, very good!


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