Saturday, July 07, 2007

Back & Ready To Leave....

Yup I got back just now in the morning at about 9am. The whole trip was okay, in fact I got some really good comments from the participants and also I came to know that some of my old students referred my name with pride to others.  Its a big thing for a person like me who doesn't know much.  I really appreciate the trust my students displayed on me and the respect they gave to me.  I definitely learnt some new things, one about ASM and the other about a recovery of the loss of all the redo log files.  That was a really nice thing to learn.

Only one thing was a little upsetting and weird too. When I was leaving from home and caught my bus to Delhi, there was a family in the bus with 2 ladies and 1 gents and some kids.  That guy who was along with those ladies left them in the bus and went some where. Coz of this, bus had to wait for almost 30 minutes.  I was really upset, amazed at the same time seeing all this happening.  Those ladies were creating a scene over there that we will go and look for him.  Huh?Looking for whom, who left the bus 3 km behind and now they were thinking to look for him? They asked bus-conductor to stop the bus.  I was already so pist off and so were the fellow passengers.  I told bus-driver that I am having a flight to catch.  He told those ladies to either find the guy or show the tickets which they didn't have.  So he asked them to get new ones for which they said they have no money.  Hearing this, I told driver to take it seriously.  He discussed with conductor and finally ordered that family to get down from the bus.  They asked conductor to take them without ticket but he simply refused as it was a government bus and he could lose his job right away if checking would have happened in the way.  So that  family was forced to come down.  I feel sorry for them but there was no other way out and one must take care of this thing that he/she is not the only one.  There are others who may be getting suffering without any reason.

Okay that was past and now present.  The next two classes are going to be the toughest ones.  One coz its already been flopped as there was a clash between instructor and the students and after half delivery, it was called off as the trainer walked out.  Now it has come to me.  I am not worried about the content but now there will be a revenge feeling among students for the next trainer too from which I shall suffer.  Next class is going to be a group of very very senior level persons coming and from the discussion with them, I have figured out that their mentality again would like the lst class I described just now means not to learn but to bug without reason.  Lets see what happens.  And top of that,there is another thing in me which has given me a big tension.  Lets see what has future has in store for me.  Pray for me guys, hope I shall make everything fine!Really need your wishes!Now I shall listen to some music and than will see what to do?There is  a lot to do as I shall be leaving tomorrow morning for almost 10 days( not sure yet but its 99% sure).So see you!But hey before you leave, check out the next post and learn some thing about Female rules :-).


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