Thursday, July 12, 2007

11g Is Finally Here....

WOW!No I didn't buy Vista :-). Today was the official launch of Oracle Database 11g , the newest version of its flagship product, database. I did watch the official launch telecast of it. There are a lot of new features that were announced. Well my thoughts about 11g are some what mixed.  I didn't feel the earth shattered as it did when 10g came into the market. Oracle database 10g's arrival was like waiting for Harry Potter's new book.  All were so much excited as after a long association with "i", Oracle now was going to use "g" and some thing called Grid Technolgy.And I must say, there are tons of good things that have come with 10g.I completely agree that there are( and will be more coming )with 11g but still I felt, 11g's launch and its arrival was taken a bit lightly.  The concepts of 10g are used and enhanced in full swing in 11g. There are a lot of new featured discussed in the live webcast of 11g from Oracle and some are really very nice and exciting sounding features too.  Well I am not at all having any position to make up a statement,its just what I felt.

There are a lot of  features and I have missed some part of the webcast too.Whatever I remember, here are those:

  • New Partition Advisor
  • Partition by Interval and by Reference
  • Recovery Advisor
  • 2-3x Compression of all data types
  • Materialized Views directly merged with OLAP Cubes
  • Enhanced Data Vault and Audit Vault( I missed the details.  May be was some where else in mind)
  • Enhanced Security and Hardware Based Master Key
  • Real Application Testing
  • Enhanced Data Guard with complete use for the production systems.

I am sure the points I have mentioned here, way more than them I must have missed.  But don't be sad about it.  And also in case you have missed the webcast, here is an archive link and links for more information about the 11g features.

Click here for 11g's New Features & webcast.

I missed 10g for long when it came. There were a lot of personal reasons for that.  But I hope I shall be able to catch up with 11g this time.  Fingers are crossed!


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