Saturday, June 02, 2007

True Expression Of Love....

Some times, some lines, some words paint such a good picture in front of you that you can actually see the depth of those words, lines in that pictures so lively in front of your eyes.  My friend Kavita has found some lines on her machine and have posted them on her blog here . Truly amazing lines!As Kavita said in the post, they do really represent the true emotions of a person who has given away everything of his to get just one thing, Love!I am posting the lines here also but all the credits for this post goes absolutely to Kavita only.  Have a read:

You gave me some life
You gave some reason to live that life!
You were so near but so far!

I laughed when you laughed
I cried when you were sad
I wanted to see the lightening smile
Always on your face.  All your grief is mine!
All the happiness in this world is yours!
You were too far but, so near!
Just a heartbeat away!

There was a time
Where life looked like a fairy tale,
It was just you and me,
Nothing else!
You were too far, but your shadow was there!

You have gone too far,
Beyond my reach.
You may not know
You are so near!
So near that You're just a dream away!
I don't see you when I open my eyes.
I see only you With my closed eyes!
You've gone nowhere.You’re here!
Just a heartbeat away, Just a blink away!

Isn't these all lines are so very true?


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