Saturday, June 30, 2007

Travel Update & A Small Achievement....

Yes I came back today but I shall be leaving again tomorrow.  Yup I came back for one day only.  Last tour was okay( I hope so).I got some really good comments from the participants so for me that's the assurance that everything went okay.  Rest everything was normal except there was ( and now this situation has become worse.) so much rain back there in Mumbai.I was lucky enough to come out yesterday and no delay was issued for my flight.  But from today onwards almost all the flights are now getting either delayed or worse,yup canceled.

Now tomorrow I shall be leaving.  This would be for a client side and its been a while I have taken that module so I am a little shaky.  I hope and wish everything goes fine.  Pray for me guys!

And about the moment of achievement, today I have received an award of appreciation from my manager. According to him, I have done good work.  I am thankful and happy about receiving but if you ask me to open my heart, I didn't do anything exceptional.  Yes I shall be doing some day, really good things.  But yes I definitely want to say thanks to my manager for this appreciation.


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