Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Moments....

Last night , I went to my friend Puja's home. Her wedding is today and it was a pre-wedding dance and music function. Its a love marriage which is going to happen. I had seen what and how all this has come up to these happy moments and I really wish that Puja and Aashish would be forever happy and smiling.

Function went great.  There was so much of dancing and music everywhere.  Did I dance?Well if you have asked this that means you don't know that I believe some one must be in the audience too and that's exactly where I am always.  Wedding will be in the day time hmm after about 2 hours it will start.  Its raining too today.  Lets hope it wont spoil the celebrations.  Did I say "spoil the celebrations"?Just remembering some thing synch with these words.  Anyway time for me to get ready and than leave.  Excuse me,I have a wedding to attend :-).


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