Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Back At Home….

After a very stressful weak, I finally reached home the other day. Though technically, I am not still at home.

The journey back to home started on Saturday morning. Since it was an early morning flight, as like always, I couldn’t sleep fearing that I might oversleep and miss my flight. So I was  doing one thing or the other and finally, when it was time, I just left for the airport. Luckily, as soon as I got out of my hotel, I got the cab. So there was no delay in that part and as I started very early morning for the airport(4am) , I reached airport in about 20 minutes itself. It doesn’t take longer at Singapore anyways to reach the airport but still, even by that means, 20 minutes is a short interval of commute. I had done my web-checkin already and it took in total about 30 minutes to complete everything. So now, I had a lot of time (about two hours) to spend on the airport. Since breakfast was going to be served anyways in the flight, I decided just to take a cup of coffee and open my eyes, which were getting closed due to sleep. I did walk back and forth couple of times since even most of the shops were closed so chances of doing window shopping were not there. At right time, Singapore airlines did start their boarding process and I was aboard.

I initially decided to have breakfast and just sleep but when I looked at the in-flight entertainment magazine, I noticed two movies which appeared interesting. So instead of sleeping, I decided to watch both of them. And I must say, it wasn’t a bad decision. Though I liked one movie more than the other one but both were nice(first one was nicer). The first movie, which I really liked a lot and saw in-fact twice, was The Equalizer. Now, I am sure someone would say that he movie has no plot and it was clear right in the starting of it that what’s going to happen. But I liked it and I really loved the way, it was shown that someone who appears old and fragile, how he can be so deadly and has amazing combat skills and despite being all that, still has a heart which has emotions and feels pains of others. I wouldn’t explain the movie so watch it and let me know if you liked or hated it. Did I say that I watched it twice-in the same flight?

The other movie that I watched was A Walk Among the Tombstones.Now, the sole reason for selecting this movie was Liam Neeson, who in his movie Taken was just superb. But this movie, though it tries to be thriller, fails to impress. Again, it’s my opinion so I am not sure that whether you will like the movie or not. But somehow, I felt, I wasted my time watching it. That was the reason that after watching it, I again watched The Equalizer!

By the time, I was done watching these movies, it was almost the time to land! :=)

Though I didn’t sleep in the flight(and it has nothing to do with the flight at all), the flight, in all the aspects was just fine. Singapore airline is known to be one of the finest and their attention to detail is well known. So they tick all the right checkboxes when it comes to either the behaviour of the air-crew, food, flight in general-in short , about everything! The only issue that I had was my co-passenger who somehow was on some high ego horse. He didn’t talk much, not even a courteous hello, kept on laughing so loudly that even with me having my ears covered with headphone and volume nearly about 80%, I could hear him laughing just fine! One moment, he had issues in getting his headphones working and when I offered to help, he just said, no, I shall handle on my own. Well, what you can do, some time, you do end up sitting with someone who probably didn’t want to sit along with you.

The flight landed and as soon as I touched ground, I realized how cold it was. I had a week off from work for me so after clearing all the things and collecting my luggage, I was on my way to home. Thanks to thick fog and really really bad traffic, it took almost two hours longer than usual time to reach home but goes without saying, it’s always worth of all the obstacles.

2014 is going to end today and 2015 is already there. This year was a mixed bag for me. I hope and really wish that 2015 is going to be a year which brings success, happiness and good health for my family and for all the near and dear ones! And I wish the same for you, the reader as well! Do keep visiting here as you are always welcome here and so is your comments. So see you in 2015 and have a great new year eve party tonight! 


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