Friday, December 26, 2014

A Tough Week Came To An End(Happily)….

Yes, I do remember that I mentioned that once I shall reach at the location, I shall update the blog and I couldn’t. And it’s not because that I didn’t want to but one, I was just so tired that as soon as I reached hotel, I just crashed over the bed and fell asleep, only to wake up at 6am to get ready for the session and two, the entire week was just so much tough.

My travel from Delhi was pretty much okay. It was a flight of 5.50 hours but fortunately, airline comes with a good number of movies of different genre that one can watch and can pass time. I did the same but watched one movie which I already did see before-Transformers: Age Of Extinction. It’s a good movie and despite that there is just so much of VFX work, it’s still is a good movie just like the other movies of the same series. The other movie that I saw was The Great Hypnotist, which I didn’t like much. Though the movie presents a good surprise element, it appears like an art movie than a thriller. Anyways, in between of the meal service and occasional moments of falling asleep, finally I reached. It didn’t take much time to reach the hotel and as I mentioned before too, all I could do was just to find a bed and crash over it. Yes, I was just this much tired!

From next morning, Monday, it started a very tough week. I was called for this program on a special request and it’s always a big challenge to meet the expectations, especially when all are counting on you-not just your manager and colleagues but also the customer. We had a lot of delegates in the session, probably it was my first time to see such number of people in any overseas session. Thought it’s very common to see such number in India but it’s not often a case when it’s an overseas location. But despite that the module was very tough and was completely new for all the delegates, we spent the entire week having a great time! There was a lot of excitement among the delegates for some very core new features of the database and I am sure, they would be using those new features soon in future at their shop. All the delegates were really very friendly and  supportive. It’s always so good to have experienced and knowledgeable delegates in a session and this time also, it proved to be a very good experience, for me at least. I am quite hopeful that delegates were happy and satisfied too. And the reason for my optimistic assumption is each went back wearing a smile on his/her face. And that’s a great sign that says, hey Aman, all went well. Before closing the day, delegates  took 2-3 group pics and finally, we ended the week on a very happy note. Thanks a bunch all! You were just amazing. Thanks for the kind words and I am already looking forward to meet all of you( or some at least)  in upcoming sessions.

So now, as I am done with the work, it’s time to get the packing done and be ready for my travel back to home.  So I shall be getting on to the packing now. But it wouldn’t be right to close the post without wishing you all Merry Christmas, happy holiday and a very happy, prosperous 2015. I hope the coming year brings for all of us and for all our loved ones just lots of joys, happiness, success and good health! Stay blessed!

I am going to be waiting for my flight and while doing so, to catch some sleep-a really challenging task if you ask me! Signing off!


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