Sunday, May 04, 2014

Traveling Is Fun….

Many times, I am asked that how do I find traveling, tough, easy, enjoyable, boring, tiring( that’s not something to be asked but anyways) and whatever one can think of at the very moment. To tell the truth, except of boring, traveling is everything. But some times, besides being tiring, it can be a little frustrating as well. And the same happened with me just now when I came for check-in. I was told at the check-in counter that I am in a “RR” list which is a list of the people selected randomly for custom verification. Well, not sure why my name was in that list but it was nonetheless and that means, I had to clear the customs before I could be finally called “cleared” for flying. Now, it wasn’t that I was wearing tons of gold or was carrying loads of cash but still, the procedure had to be followed. So after I cleared my immigration check I was sent to the customs. The custom lady asked me couple of questions like where I am going , what do I have in my hand bag and the checked-in bag etc. But the interesting thing happened when she asked that what do I do for living? When I replied that I work as an instructor for a software called Oracle database, she immediately understood and guess why, because her son was doing the same thing for about 3 years before he got settled down in a more 9-5 job. That was a life saver as after that, the conversation was very casual and she cleared me of just like that. Nice isn’t it? You never know when doing Oracle database can bring you out so smoothly from a tense situation like sitting in a customs interview. One more reason to do Oracle database eh :=) ?

Now, I am waiting  for the flight and hopefully, all would go fine from now on. Fingers crossed!


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