Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Encountering The Earthquake….

Yep, and it came all of a sudden today when I was with the delegates in the session. I am delivering a very tough and advanced session BTW at the moment and the delegates are really good both professionally and personally! Today, two of them took me out for lunch and there we met one delegate who was in my session 3 years ago. Also, there are two delegates out of which one was in my session 2 years and she immediately spotted me and very kindly mentioned in the room that she was very happy when she came to know that I am the instructor for this tough course and also added that I am really good, which was very kind of her to say! There is another delegate who attended my presentation a year ago and told me today about it! So overall, it’s a great session going on, tiring but really good!

Hmm I think I have missed the point of the post. Okay, so we were in the room and one of the delegates was actually standing and explaining a concept. We were all sitting in front of him and were listening to him and my seat was in a corner , just opposite to him. All of a sudden, I felt that my chair is moving and quite heavily. Before I could say anything to anyone, alarms started buzzing and the security started shouting that all must run downstairs right away! And we all did run away to the ground floor and over there it wasn’t just our tower whose people were there but the rest of the 3 towers were also got vacant and the people of those towers were also downstairs. Though nothing bad did happen but it was a little chaotic for some time and it seemed all were a little confused and shocked with that sudden blow of the earthquake. Finally, all seemed to be settled down and we got back to our room, in one piece and finally got back to the work like nothing ever happened :=) . Thankfully, nothing did happen, in real too!

Time to go to bed as there is a tough day awaiting tomorrow!


Anonymous Viji Venu said...

i wait for an earthquake here to run out of my work place!...kidding lol..good one!...keep writing

April 17, 2013 1:22 AM  

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