Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Speechless, Sad, Ashamed, Angry, Frustrated….

I wanted to sit and write this post from last few days but somehow, I just couldn’t mint my words. I was(and still am) just so lost that what should I write, what I can say! How can I express that how so ashamed, so frustrated I am feeling to see what is going on to the women, to the gals in my country, to express my anger to what has happened to a 23 old girl on 16th December 2012 , in the national capital Delhi? I believe , no words are ever going to be enough when you have to express sadness and that’s exactly what’s my state of mind is right now. I have chosen always not to mention anything bad but I believe, today it’s high time to speak about some facts, some bitter and horrifying facts about the sorry state of India!

No matter what anyone would say but this world is still is a male dominated society, where women is not really considered or looked upon as an equal partner or citizen when the comparison of her is with her male counterpart, doesn’t matter what! And in the same way, for most all what woman is what how does she appears from the outside? The physical aspects of her is something which , if not all, but most of the men would be interested about. You can see this very clearly everywhere, where ever you look at! And this mind set is something which causes not just humiliation but also the incidents like rape, gang rape , molestation of the women and thanks to this sick society who can never accept that if a  woman is complaining about a rape, she is not going to do it for fun or to put someone in trouble (though that’s also done but let’s not talk about it right now) but it may be that she has actually gone through this trauma and there is a need of some action against the culprit. But the sad fact is that when a woman reports such kind of incident, it’s not the culprit who has to prove his innocence but it’s the victim who has to prove that she is indeed a victim and this damn thing just makes her look and feel even more humiliated! And since the culprits are well aware of such thing, they know they can get away most of the times doing whatever they can and want and when they feel that they would get caught, it’s just so simple for them to even go to the extent of killing that unfortunate woman/gal too!

The same happened on the 16th December 2012 with that unfortunate gal who went happily, like any other gal, with her friend to watch a movie and was coming back to her place after the movie got finished. The two boarded a bus which had already 6 guys sitting in it. The bus was covered with curtains and it wasn’t a state transport but a privately owned bus. In few minutes, the 6 guys started commenting on the gal and also misbehaving with her. When her male friend intervened, they hit him with an iron rod on the head, beat him up and threw him in the front row of the bus unconscious. Then they dragged that gal to the rear portion of the bus, beat her up and gang raped her while making the bus roam around on the roads of the capital non-stop. This kept on going for almost an hour and that was not just the end of the misery for that gal. Since she tried to defend her self and did it with the best power of her, it just made those guys even more furious and they took the same iron rod, shoved it in her vagina damaging almost the entire inner side of her including the intestine and the veins. They took all the money, mobile phones of the two, their bank cards and finally, threw both , naked , on the side of the road thinking that they are dead. Fortunately or unfortunately, they were not dead yet . The guy came to his senses and started shouting for help. The gal was completely senseless! Three kind men saw them and called the police and healthcare services and both were admitted to the hospital.

When I came to know this incident and the brutality involved in it, my heart just sank and I was shivering thinking about the pain that the gal had to undergo! And it wasn’t just me but the whole country was feeling the same. I went to the temple and prayed that she gets fine as soon as possible. But the chances of that were very slim as she got her entire veins pulled out of her body and doctors mentioned that it would be never ever possible for her to get a complete recovery and ever be able to live a normal life. Still, me and millions of others wanted her to live and she wanted the same. A news came that she wrote on a piece of paper that she wants to live. And may be it was her will of living that she stayed alive for 13 days before scumming to death at Singapore where she was sent after having a cardiac arrest after being treated for 11 days at India.

I didn’t know her, I don’t know who she was , what’s her real name , heck how does she even looks like but the day, the news of her death came, I cried! Tears just popped out of the eyes and a mixed feeling of sadness, ashamed, frustration and anger prevailed in the heart. Because of six perverts  an innocent gal, who was the elder sister of two young brothers, a topper in her studies, was like a son for her father, is now no more. Those six guys might have thought that by doing rape , they are showing her that how manly they are but probably they didn’t know or may be they did but didn’t care that doing such thing just shows one thing and nothing else, how coward, insensitive and inhuman one is! There is absolutely NOTHING else that one shows by doing this horrifying act to any woman and girl! That woman is not just raped there but when she goes to a police station, she is raped there again –may be not physically but verbally when she is asked to explain, in every minute detail that what happened, how it happened in front of complete strangers. And if that culprit is the son of a big shark or is a big shark himself, even after going such humiliation, that woman gets no justice whatsoever because using the power of money, approach, loop holes of the justice system, those scums just get away completely untouched and if there is punishment, it’s nothing compared to the crime that they have done! How can one be punished for few months or years when he has ruined the life of someone till the last breath of her?

This case has now become a national level protest and every one is protesting or at least is in agreement of a protest to bring laws that can make the life of a gal safe in her own country. To make her able to walk in a lonely road without really looking behind her after every few steps! I don’t know when it would happen but at the moment, I just see a society who is more interested in suggesting the girls to get “properly dressed” than accounting their own sons responsible for such shameless and cowardly acts. The law makers and cops are busy suggesting that the girls shouldn’t roam around on the roads late in the night or should go to a disco or a pub as according to them, every such gal is “asking for it” . Yes, those six guys took that gal’s life but with such comments and such kind of mindset, it’s the entire society made up of such sick minded people making it a hell to live in for the females. And I am so ashamed to say that I am forced to be a part of such society too. It’s all of us who are responsible for the ill-fate of this gal who wasn’t doing anything to draw attention on her, who didn’t “ask for it” but was just trying to be happy and live a normal life. It’s the sheer cowardness of ours which is responsible for such incident and many others that did happen in the past. It’s so easy to step away when you see someone in trouble or some jerk teasing or harassing a gal. If all can think that this can and will happen some day to some of our nears and dears too, we would step up and slap that idiot’s face right there. I am sure after being such a limelight case, those 6 people won’t be spared but the question is what’s next? What would happen when there would be another incident and that won’t be able to catch such media and mass attention? Or do we want and wish every rape case to be this gruesome before we would do anything? To be honest, I am really really angry at the moment. If this is the so called modern society and if this is what the meaning of being free and being the 2nd largest democracy in the world, I think it would be just better that we go back to being slaves or get the same kind of law system that’s there in China , Middle-East. Yes it’s brutal and if we look at the punishments people get there , it’s enough to shake even the strongest hearted person too but if status of the law and justice is what is currently there in India, it’s the only thing that can bring fear to those who are doing such kind of crimes and are boasting of that nothing did happen and nothing will happen to them!

It’s the 1st of January of 2013 , the very first day of the new year. There are no celebrations that did happen this year in almost the entire country and I don’t think we should be happy getting into a new year if we are not going to make things, society correct and let the environment around us more safer. Unless that’s not done, it’s just another day in another year!


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