Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad….

I reached Hyderabad yesterday morning after finishing a 6 day, long and hectic session at Singapore. I am supposed to start the new session from tomorrow here. I shall talk about the Singapore session in the next post because today something far more important is there. It’s my dad’s birthday!
Yes, it’s my dad’s birthday. I went to temple today morning and did prayed to God to bless his blessings on my dad and wished dad happy birthday! I saw a movie today where a guy was telling his dad that how it would matter to him only what his dad likes or dislikes and anyone else doesn’t matter to him at all! Also, how his dad hugged him and how stronger he must have felt in being his dad’s hug! Yes it was just a movie, I know it but it just shattered me and the same happens now at so many times, on so many different occasions. It’s not possible for me to explain that how it feels to see my dad not here, to express that I can’t/won’t ever be able to get my dad’s hug, celebrate his birthday and some times, combine mine and his together to celebrate like we used to do many times. None of that can happen ever now since God has taken him from my mom, my sister and me and it just hurts so damn much, so very much! It really does!
Happy birthday papa, I am missing you so much! I am missing you so much today, I miss you every single passing day! Whenever I call home. I have to stop myself to say to mom that where is dad, want to talk to him! I miss you at so many times, so many moments, we all do, so much! I love you so very much!
All in the family used to be very happy about this coincidence that 3 birthdays are in a row, especially about my dad’s and mine. Don’t know that now, whether I shall be able to feel any happiness that my birthday is coming! I won’t! I just can’t!


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