Monday, October 22, 2012

No More Being Anonymous….

Those who are regular here and do comment on the posts, must be aware that I had enabled the options of both comment-moderation and anonymous commenting. Now, I have no issues in getting anonymous comments but I have a serious issue with getting spam anonymous comments and this had increased in the last couple of weeks a lot! So despite that I didn’t wish to, I have disabled the ability of people to post comments being anonymous. If you do want to post a comment, you MUST mention your name from now on. After some time, I shall again re-enable the anonymous commenting option to see how much spam comments come and if they would be reduced in number, I shall let the option stay. For now, no more being anonymous here!


Well, I wont mention why but I am going to re-enable the anonymous comments. It’s my blog and I have all the rights to do whatever I wish to with it!


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