Monday, October 01, 2012

It’s Tough When….

You are having fever , you are faarr away from your home and have to work. That’s pretty much the state of mine at the moment.

I reached India the other day after finishing the two sessions on a good note. I was hopeful that I shall be able to pull through this current tour of mine as well but it seems that it won’t be a very smooth sailing to pass it through. The traveling itself was very tough and in some ways, scary and just when I thought, all is over, I fell sick.

If you know me personally or from this blog, you must be aware that I travel a lot for my work. And if you are reading this, it certainly means that I am still alive :=) . But this time, the flight experience was not so good. The first shock came from the Bangkok Airways. It was not a very long flight and it started of well too. But just when the flight was about to land and started the descend , there came a spine chilling feeling. The pilot, for god-knows-only reason was not making the flight descend by lifting up the nose as it should have been done. In fact, the flight was coming down with the nose being pulled down and to a very steep level and he did keep the aircraft in the same position for about 5 minutes. After that, not sure how but he did reverse the position of the flight and finally made it the way it should had been i.e. the nose being up. But the bad experience was not just over yet. While going to land, the tail of the plane was completely shaking and it was just few feet down there remaining before the flight would do the touch-down. Somehow, he did land the plane and all the passengers finally could breathe . There were three guys sitting in the row behind me and when the crew said all that usual words like thanks for choosing us and all that, they did dig out on them saying that thank you for training our trainee pilot. Funny but not it was when I was in the flight experiencing the whole damn thing. This was about the flight, the next thing was about the food.

As I was going to start my travel on Friday and had a long stay(for 12 hours) on the Bangkok airport, I thought that I shall be able to have my lunch in the afternoon after the session and it should be able to keep me going just fine till the mid night. But as they say that only if you are destined for something, it happens not otherwise. I used to go to an Indian food joint for my lunch. I planned to go there on that very day as well but just in the morning at about 10am, it started raining and not just raining but like a cats and dogs kind of rain. I expected(prayed) that it would stop so that I could go and have my lunch but it didn’t , at least the usual lunch time there-12pm. It finally became a little slow at about 1:30pm, an hour before I had to leave for the airport and I decided to go and have my lunch quickyl and come back. I took a ride on the two-wheeler ride that’s offered in Cambodia . On the way it self, the rain got heavy again. I asked the guy that would he wait for me while I have my lunch and he said, no its raining so he can’t. Guess what, I asked him to take me back right in front of that food joint and drop me back to the office. By that time I reached there, it was already a very heavy rain-fall which started. I spent $2USD but it went just down the drain. It was about time to leave for the airport and there is nothing on that airport which is actually filling. After finishing the check-in and other things, I bought a Latte and a veg sandwich and was trying to convince myself that it would be okay because there are a lot of food joinnts on the Bagnkok airport and I can go there and have my favourite pasta and coffee over there. But again, destiny had something else in store for me.

When I came two weeks back from the same airport, it was all fine. But in the meantime, the airport decided to revamp the entire food joints over there, which are usually having lots of options for eating and this time, when I reached there looking for them, they were all closed. The only option I had to pick something from Subway and have a coffee at Starbucks and that’s what I did twice in  a long wait of 12 hours that I spent over the airport , without sleeping even for a minute even! Finally, it was 8:40am local time and I was all set to get back to home. Not sure that this was the long stay of mine with lack of sleep and food that caused me fever or the sneezing airhostess who was constantly coughing and sneezing all the time in the flight but whatever it may be was, the end result is that now, I am having fever and a really bad cold and headache and that’s killing me at the moment.

Its just a blessing only that tomorrow is a national holiday here at India so I would get some rest. I have to prepare for the module though that I am handling at the moment but still, a day without taking and going to the session when having fever, cold, cough is just so good, trust me!


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