Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tired But Relieved(A Little)….

I sat down to write this post 4 days ago when I was at home but than got injured(yes again) and the entire focus got shifted to get the injections and medicine since I was traveling on the very day (yes, just like before). It was 3 weeks since I was at home and I wish I could say that it was for just taking rest but unfortunately, it was rest because the wound of mine was giving me much more tension than I expected from it. I am at Singapore right now, about to leave in a while for the airport for flying back home.

Those who are regular here must be aware that I met with a very serious accident about 2 months ago. I got injured and lots of drama happened along the way of the medication. In between, I had to travel to Banglore and to Cambodia as well and things after coming back from both the places, didn’t go very well. When I came back from Cambodia, I expected that after going through a very very painful process of getting stitches after 22 days of the injury, finally it must have been healed now but I was wrong.

When I got back, it was 15 days since I had got stitches and as I was told that finally after stitches, my injury would be fine, I was expecting to hear the same. For 2 days after my arrival, I couldn’t go to the doctor. It was Raakhi and there were tons of stuff to do. Though I was expecting all would be fine still, I was feeling pain in my leg and to be honest, I was really scared. It wasn’t supposed to be there , at least not after such long time after the accident. When I got to the doctor finally, he said that I should had cut the stitches already by now. Well, he never told me to do so when I was leaving to Cambodia. Anyways, he did cut them and told me that all is fine. But he failed to see that the entire area around my injury was becoming red which is definitely not a good sign and is the siren of infection. He didn’t look and I got back home. Just in a day, I was not able to step down my leg on the ground and every step that I was taking was giving me a very severe pain. Finally, I decided that I am done with this doctor and I went to Appolo Hospital which is known to be costly but also effective as the doctors over there are much much talented.

The doctor at Appolo immediately saw my injury when I got there and gave me an ointment to apply and also a medicine to have twice a day. It was a very strong (and costly) medicine but somehow, I had a faith that it would be good for me. I took the medicine for another 10 days and went to the doctor again. Finally, he said that its becoming better and I shouldn’t be worried anymore. I told him that I am supposed to travel very soon so he better check me more closely. Well, I know I was reacting a little too much but you must understand that it had been more than 40 days and I didn’t expect my case to go this length at all! But doctor said, its okay and I can safely travel. God bless him as he was right and I was feeling okay myself too. Finally, I thought everything is going to be okay now. Now, I could concentrate on some other things that needed my immediate attention and one of them was to get the entire electricity wiring of my home changed.

My dad and mom made our home way back in 70’s and since at that time, the technology and resources were not too many, things used at that time to construct home were not at par with the current times. But still, my mom and dad took all the care and used best of the best materials available at that time and it did paid off as well since that stuff kept its ground even till now, almost after 30 years later too! But times leaves its impact on everyone and everything and in the same way, the wiring of electricity at my home was now showing its age. It was done a long time back and now it was high time to get it replaced. We thought to do it much before but then wedding of my sister came up. Then we thought that we would do it afterwards but then God took my dad away from us to him. So it was still pending to be done. As I was at home because of injury, I decided to get it done finally now. Vicky, my sister’s husband took the responsibility of finding the best technicians for the same and sent them to us. They told us that it would take just 2 days but as they calculated it wrong, it took 6 days to get all done. But though it took more time, still the guys did a very good job and finally, after so many years, the whole wiring is now changed and with the best materials and stuff that is available now. In addition to that, I also brought up few paint job guys to do a little touch up at those places which had got marks now since the old stuff got replaced and after spending one day, they did get the job done too! I was so so missing my dad on that day because I so wanted him to see that his son has done this massive task and to my best abilities but he was not there with me today. I just don’t know how to express this pain. I haven’t even said anything to anyone. My mom cried so much on the day of Krishan Janamashtmi as my dad always used to go to temple and do the puja and also used to bring Krishna at home. But this year, nothing did happen. In just two months from now, that fateful day is going to come again when my dad left us for forever and went to god and I just have no idea how to give strength to me and to my mom and sister to face it. Yes I am keeping a brave and to some extent , a stone face but the truth is , I am missing my daddy so much and I really feel so scared and so sad to see now that I am all alone now to go everywhere. When I see my friend’s fathers calling them, that pain that comes to heart to know that my dad won’t ever call me like he used ever now, just pierces me so deep inside. I so wanted that I could do this wiring stuff done and he could see it, govern it and finally, when it would had been over, he could feel happy that his son is now big enough to handle some things like he did all these years. But this won’t happen ever and despite that I wish it so much , I won’t see him giving me a tight hug like he used to give all the time when I would do something good, either leave or come back from my tours ever again!

You , who have both your parents with you, appreciate this gift and spend more time with them than with your boy friends or gir friends or on Facebook because one day, before you could ever imagine and be ready, you would find that they are not there with you anymore and at that time, you would realise that how much painful it is to not have your parents around and to live with this pain and be all alone in this big world for forever!

Now, the task of the wiring was over and it was my travel day. There were suitcases that had got shifted from their place and my mom asked me to get them back where they were. I didn’t notice that there was a nail on the floor struck in a wood and when I did notice, it was too late as it already got through my slipper and got into my foot. Yep, it was again the same day when I had to travel. After taking an injection and medicines, finally I was ready to leave for Singapore for my work-which got finished today and I am happy and relived that it went well. The delegates were really nice and I had also an Indian gal in the session who was also a North Indian and settled down in Singapore from a long time. The other four delegates were also very friendly and nice and it was really good to spend three days with all these folks sharing whatever little I know about Oracle db. The guys gave a good rating as well-thanks so much! Hopefully, I shall be able to meet you all soon in some another course.

My flight would be at late night so I decided to come back to hotel and get some rest. In a while from now, I shall be starting my travel back to home and hopefully, it would be going okay. There are at least two posts that I have in my draft folder that I shall try to complete and post soon. So as they say, stay tuned!


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