Friday, August 24, 2012

A Good End Of The Week, Finally….

I have just finished this week’s session of mine here at Colombo. I am not sure but some how I was having a feeling that I am not really doing well. May be it was the injury of mine that was keeping me distracted and I wasn’t paying the required attention on the work of mine or may be it was just a bad time, I really don’t know but I do feel that I didn’t do much justice with my work in the last month or so. That’s why I had finished few programs in the past, I didn’t have that feeling of achievement but rather disappointment. Now just for the record, for others I may still have done well because the criteria with which my work is checked is the rating and it wasn’t bad at all. But when you are a person who can’t be settled for anything less than the best, having an “okay” rating which may be fine for others , is not really what you want! And may be that’s why I wasn’t really very happy from myself. And I was really wishing and praying so hard that it must end ASAP!

It seems god did listen to my prayers and it did end!

The session finished on a very good note. I have been here at Colombo couple of times by now and always, I feel so happy and amazed meeting the people from here. All are so nice, humble and intelligent and its always a pleasure to come here, at least it is for me. The same was the case this time. All the participants were really nice, friendly and showed a very keen interest in hearing what I was saying. The whole week of 5 days was a very good time of exchanging a lots of knowledge from both the ends. Today, when we finished the session, all were having a smile on their face and also,all asked for my email and phone number. If you are a regular here, you must know that these are the signs according to me that the session has gone well. And not just this, the guys even took snaps with me. And not to mention that the rating that they gave was also very good! Overall, I am really happy and also thankful to the delegates for the co-operation and patience to listen to me. Thank you folks and hope we shall meet again some time in some other session soon!

So this week is over and I have a flight to catch tomorrow morning back to home. But for the next week, a really tough challenge is awaiting for me as I shall be taking over a module which I haven’t ever delivered before and got very less time to prepare for it too! But that’s next week. Its TGIF today so I can at least spend tonight watching movies on tv or try to discover some new songs and listen to them :=) .


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