Sunday, June 10, 2012

Travel Starting In About Three Hours….

Yep, in about 3 hours from now, I shall be on the road hopefully. Though travel is not something that’s new for me to do but this time, right away after the travel, I shall be in the session-in about 2 hours after reaching the destination. That’s going to be really REALLY hard especially after a night long travel in the cab and two hours in the plane. And as like always, just to make things more spicy, the module would be very tough too. Let’s see what happens. I have two drafts sitting in my draft folder which I really want to post ASAP but I guess both have to wait for next week. I wanted to post this week itself but I have been very busy in it so far. Anyways, its time to get some stuff needed for travel and start to do the packing. Hope Sunday is treating you all very well and wish that Monday would be a little kind on all of us :) .


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