Saturday, November 19, 2011

(Another) Two Lines Of Awesome Poetry….

I believe, it won’t be any new thing if I shall mention that I am not feeling well, both physically and mentally. People are coming and telling me that God gives tough times to test your strength and patience and after tough times only, good times come. Well, I am not sure that I am anymore willing to know the results of this so called test of God because I believe, in my case, he is conducting this damn test from last 30 years and I yet have to see either the result of it or the arrival of so-called “good times” . Rather than these two, I just wish I can meet God and can ask him some questions whose answers are long due with him and I am sure, he will be having tough time to explain the answers.

Though I am not in a good mood at all but still, this post is not going to be about either the upset mood of mine or about the reason(s) behind it. I have started writing it already in my last travel. I couldn’t complete it at that time because it was becoming impossible for me to control myself while sitting in the office because that’s where I was writing it. Not after too long (but not very soon too), I would be posting it. Not sure to what extent I shall explain anything but still, will try. So what’s this post is about, well, as the title said, just two lines of poetry which came to me through text message just now and I thought to put that here. So here it goes,

Uski hansi mein chhupe dard ko mehsoos karo Faraz,

Wo to yun hi hans hans k khud ko saja deta hai!


And its translation in English is,

Try to understand the pains behind his smiles,

He just punishes himself by smiling all the time!


Smiles, what a noble way to make people believe that you are absolutely fine, both inside and outside, isn’t it! And its just amazing to see that how so many people do believe that all is fine seeing the smiles on one’s face or may be its just me who is good at making people believe so?


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