Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Four Lines But Amazing….

Good morning(evening)! Its Monday morning here in my time zone and its the day to start of work. Well, I am really not in a mood to do that actually and for it, its not me who should be blamed. The weather is so nice outside and a bit chilly too. I have landed here yesterday and since then, its been raining almost all the time thus making the weather both romantic and sad. Its just the way you look at it which would make the difference actually. Even now, its raining, not really very heavily but enough to make person wet in a minute or so. I just called up my cab driver to check that when he is coming and he has told me 8:10am so I still had few minutes to listen to some songs and check emails. I am playing a song from the movie Anjaana Anjaani which released just a few days back. I haven’t seen the movie but I am sure that its not worth to do that too. So nuff about movie, let’s talk about the song that I am playing. Its Tujhe Bhula Diya( I have forgotten you) . Its an amazingly good, sad song! Its sung by Mohit Chauhan who few years back, started a band Silk Route and now is a lead playback singer in Indian film industry. His voice is an amazing voice which depicts pain just like its your own pain, its your own trauma which is coming through.

The song is really good but much more than the song even, its start which keeps me hooked to it and its not really a song but a piece of poetry which is in Punjabi. Its just SO GOOD! I shall put the complete song’s translation here when I shall get some time to do but the piece of poetry is what I am going to put here right now. As I said, these are in Punjabi and here they are,

Naina laggian baarishaan te sukke sukke supne v bhijj gaye!
Naina laggian baarishaan rowe palkan de kone vich neend meri!
Naina laggian baarishaan hanjhu digde ne chot lagge dil te!
Naina laggian baarishaan, rutt birha di,baddlan di chhaan gayi!

And here is the translation of it in English,

Rains of tears are there in my eyes and it has made the dreams wet too!

Rains of tears are there in my eyes and in a corner of my eye, sleep is crying too!

Rains of tears are there in my eyes and tear drop when the heart is hurt!

Rains of tears are there in my eyes, its the weather of sadness, the shadows of clouds is gone too!

I can just say that its just amazing! I am not sure how well I have done the job of the translation of the poetry in English so if anyone can come up with a correction or better, a better version of translation, leave it in comment section. Its an amazingly sad piece of poetry if you ask me. Tears, even with no voice associated with them, no words attached to them, speak so much, depict those things which at times, are difficult to be expressed even by the words too and that’s all what the above four lines are saying!

Well, its time to get back to the real, cruel world and deal with its issues. Do watch this space as the complete song’s translation is coming soon!


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