Friday, October 08, 2010



I don’t really like to be the 2nd best or the 2nd rank or an under-performing act of mine(and of anyone else too). I am happy only when I know that I have given my best and have performed really good! If that doesn’t happen, for whatever reasons it may be, it makes me really unhappy, dissatisfied, pist-off and all the things which can be related to an upset mood. And this is the exact state of mind I am in at the moment of this writing.

I really hate it when there is no clear conversation done by the sales with the client and because of it, the end person, the person who has to face the client, which is ME , faces all the trouble. Why not spend just few extra minutes, clear out all the doubts , tell everything black-white and make sure that there is no confusions in the end? Why to choose a confusing terminology just to end up being confused , client being confused and putting that person who is going to face the client in a real awkward position? That’s the same what has happened in this week where the client had expected something else, sales told them something else and both had no idea what is the correct thing? And when it came to me, I told what I was supposed to tell when asked which got backfired on me only as now I had to handle things. Did you get into such situation some times when you are sent to war with a gun which is not even assembled yet and is asked to read a manual to assemble it one piece, read the same manual  to find the FAQ about it, to learn how to use it and use the same manual to fix it when there is some issue? And guess what, the interesting part is, you have never even seen that gun in the past or present life of yours ever! So how well you would be doing at the war-front? What would be your odds to come back alive? That’s sort of same thing in which I am since the start of this week and I have a strong hunch that this would continue for next week too. Its not still confirmed but I am sure that’s what is going to happen!

I am really unhappy from my performance over here and that’s not my fault , let me put this here for the record! Still, its going to come out as my fault only, something about which I can’t do anything except just to be upset, angry and pist-off. Time to get back to real world!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol love ur rant ;)
and yesss i completely agree with u

October 09, 2010 4:20 AM  

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