Friday, August 10, 2007


Yes I am back.  Its been a long time since I have posted anything.  Its not that I didn't have anything to post but it was coz of the busy schedule that I had this time and a continuous and a little bit hectic travel schedule which made it really tough to write anything some thing which I wanted to do so much though.  I got back yesterday morning.  This tour was a tough one as every assignment that I took up in this tour( total 4 of them) they were having one or the other challenges involved with them and which I was already aware of before to start.  But by the Grace of God and with the best wishes and blessings of my family,friends and you, I made it through.  Cant say that I made it a blockbuster success( I would never say like that whatsoever) but still I made every one leave happy and smiling and that means everything went well.  That's what I wanted to happen.

So as like always, I was at the bus stand to catch my bus for Delhi.  But this time, a strange thing happened.  There were two buses which were there on the stand to go to Delhi.  Normally I don't found it anything important to pick any one over the other.  Oh I forgot to tell,one was from Haryana Roadways and one was from Punjab Roadways.Haryana roadways is normally a faster one but I found the conductor and the driver of the Punjab one , they were the same with whom I traveled some time back too.  So I just picked them and went inside.  Well as my luggage bag looks big so conductor didn't allow me to keep it inside the bus.  Driver( Mahinder) , he came down and opened up a small compartment in the bus to make me put my luggage.  Well I did and was inside.  As usual, the travel started.  In between of the travel, I was talking to the driver and asked him what time we would be there there in Delhi,also I told him that I traveled with the them before too and in the morning, I left another depot bus for them.  Driver recognized me and was very happy to see.  Than he told the same to the conductor.  So the entire scene suddenly changed.  We all became good buddies and were talking.Mahinder, the driver , told me about his entire life and incidents and also his pranks that he played and still plays on his friends. In the midway, for the tea break, they offered me to go with them and have tea which I hesitantly accepted but lately enjoyed it.  They were very happy to see me that I chose them over the other bus and they commented that this shows your friendly nature.  Well I don't normally say about these kind of comments except to pass a smile and humbly say thanks so I did the same at that time too.  Well after about 6 hours we were at Delhi.  With the promise to see them soon, I moved ahead to catch an auto to airport.  What I am seeing ,the same auto driver. who has a fleet of autos and cabs , who is also from Punjab and whom I encounter almost every time when I land up in Delhi bus stand.  Well he recognized me too and offered me the auto at a discounted price.  Sweet :-)!I picked up the auto and left for airport to catch my flight and to start a program which had already become a very tough nut to crack for me because there were lots of very senior people who were going to come and join it and already, I had heard that their last experience didn't turn out to be good.

Well, I started the program.  It took a while to get adjusted with the small room packed with people and computers but it got smooth after a while.  The program moved on smoothly and some how,I was liked by the audience.  I must say, there was a lady in the program.  She was a real gem. I haven't seen many ladies in the Database Administration field who are that good but she was a real deal!On the whole it worked well and I came to know they were happy with me and also now agreed to see me again in their Banglore office for the same program which was happening after 1 week.

When I was doing the above program, I got the call from Lakshmi that she had scheduled a program for me for 1 week for On-demand team.  Well as it was for Shantnu sir who have taught me all the tips and tricks how to present, I can never say no.And it was after a long time, I was going to meet Fazal, Jyoti and Lakshmi so it was a good opportunity for me as for past some time, my schedules are everywhere else except Hyderabad. So I decided to say yes. Well everything else was fine till the time when I landed up in the office for the first day and came to know that the last program for the same team didn't turn out to be well at all and they had a very bitter experience. Great! What else I could expect to hear to give me a shiver on the first day itself? On top of that, there were few managers even who were going to sit in the program.  Great! Well I some how started the program. I did try my best to make it a successful and I was successful too. In the end, all were very happy and that's what I want to see and hear all the time.

Next one was in Banglore. Well it was for the same client for whose one team, I conducted one program in Hyderabad. Their manager on the call said some very kind words for me and that's how the program got started. It was fine. Britto and Krishna, two DBAs who were also the co-ordinators of the program, helped me a lot in making everything smooth and also very friendly too. There was this guy, Umesh, very very sharp and intelligent. He was a very senior guy and I really liked him a lot for his intelligence. Some how this program ended too with a good note. On the lighter side, my hotel manager seemed to be very much happy with me. According to him, I am a very nice person with whom their hotel didn't have any problems. Well nice to hear that! I ended up my program and started for Pune, my next and for this tour, last destination.

In the flight, it was all like usual. Every one was sitting as like the same when suddenly this guy , Yadwendar came and sat with me. Actually he had to sit on the next seat but a lady sat there with her baby so he had to sit with me. Air hostess asked him in English to sit with me for that he nodded his head and sat. Than he said to me that I didn't understand a single word what she said as I don't understand English. And he also added that this is the first time he is traveling by air too. Nice fellow. Very honest and simple person. He made me remind my first travel by air.  Was I happy or excited like him ? Well I shall not answer this at the moment. I shall answer this some time later. So we had a good talk and I tried to help and explain him about everything which I thought could be helpful for him in this and his forthcoming tours. He was carrying a very heavy machine in the cargo so he had to clear that too. So when we landed , I suggested him to ask the ground staff to help him out. He took my number and we departed. Well my cab was supposed to come ( and it did come) but I never saw it so I took the cab and came to hotel. After that I got the call from my cab driver that he was there only. He took my number , guess from who, yeah Yadwendar who told him that Aman sir was there with him and he left.  I thanked him for his effort and help. So it was the next morning and I started the program. It was another module which I was taking up for the first time so again not a smooth sailing at all! Great! Anyhow, it turned out to be well and some of my students took snaps with me. On the whole it ended up well.

After finishing this program, I was all set to come back. Caught my flight and came back. I have to finish couple of programs before I leave again. Lets see what happens about them? I couldn't sleep in the night yesterday as there were no power so I am still sleepless and so much tired. And since morning I am moving around. For what , I shall explain in my next post. So keep reading!


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