Saturday, September 30, 2006

Music Review, Bas Ek Pal,Woh Lamha....

Once again, after a long long time, in Hindi motion picture tracks, there is something which we can finally call music. Its not very common that motion picture tracks match the standards in the terms of lyrics, music and singing as like private( or in more simple terms,Pop) albums. Music is just an added attraction in movie and that's why much of the attention is towards the movie itself. But now after a long time, there is some nice music that is out with the release of Woh Lamhe and Bas Ek Pal .  Soundtrack of Woh Lamhe and Bas Ek Pal has come up very well on the standards of an excellent quality music.  What is coming next is my opinion on the soundtrack of these two motion pictures.  Have a read:
Woh Lamhe
 Pritam Chaudhary is among the most talented new music directors which are creating waves in the music industry with their innovations with tunes.Pritam has already proved himself in the past with the all time hit sound track of movie,Gangster whose sound tracks have become popular among all age groups.  For this movie too,Pritam has come with some very nice and unique tracks for a real-life love story.  If you have seen the promos of this movie,it says that its the movie for all of those who have loved and lost.   Being a love story means that the soundtrack demands to be melodious and lyrics must touch the hearts.  You will find this complete blending in the sound track of Woh Lamhe.There are 6 original tracks with one remix which has also come up extremely well. The title track,Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai is sung by Kay Kay (who himself is one of the most talented singers in the Hindi film industry) and has already become the pulse of the nation with its superb music and great lyrics.  Tune is very nice and melodious and once you will hear the lyrics, you will find the depth of the poetry in it too.  Its truly a very nice song which you can hear as many times as you want and I assure you, you wont ever feel bored from it.  There is also an remix of the same song which has also come up very well and is getting more and more popular from the day one it has come out.Bin Tere is a very nice romantic number sung by Jawad Ahmad.Its a little slow song but that's the demand of the music and lyrics.  Very nice track once again! If you are looking for a sound track to dedicate for someone special of yours, pick this one!Highly recommended!!There is one track which is sung firstly by Kunal Ganjawala and then by Shreya Ghoshal,So Jaun Main.Again a romantic number to touch your heart and soul with its music and lyrics.  Coz the promos say that this is the movie for those who have loved and lost so to capture that emotion of pain, Pritam has come up with a truly heart touching track,Tu Jo Nahin Hai.Amazing song, that's all I can say about it!Glen John is not a very common name yet in the music industry  but I am sure with this track under his belt,he is going to leave a huge mark of his presence.  The last track,Chal Chale is also a nice song suiting perfectly with the mood and tempo of both the movie and the other tracks.To sum up the review,I shall say this only that if you are looking for some good, nice music that you can listen any time you want, go and pick up this album.  I have heard the tracks numerous times till now and more I am listening, more closer to heart they are becoming.Rating score from me, 4.8/5!
Bas Ek Pal
This album is a collection of some of the most innovative sound tracks that have come up in the recent times.  This motion picture sound track consists of 6 original tracks and 3 remixes of the original tracks.  Music is once again by Pritam who has joined forces this time with Mithoon and Vivek Phillip.  This trio has produced some of the finest music tracks in the recent times by this album.  Every track is a unique piece in itself having perfect blending of excellent music and soul touching lyrics.  I don't know for which track I would be able to say that it is lacking somewhere from some other one.  Its one album which keeps you hooked in itself with its magic.  Title track Bas Ek Pal is narrating a story in itself.  Lyrics are so nice that they touch you so deep inside. For its music there can only be just one word and that is superb!!  This song also has a remix which is made I guess in order for the demanding need for the dancing numbers.  But though its a remix, you wont find anywhere that the original essence of the song has lost anywhere.Dheeme Dheeme and Ashq Bhi are two very melodious, romantic numbers.  Perfect for the dedication again if you are looking :-)!.And if you have started to think that this album is all about lovy-dovy slow type of songs, hang on coz Hai Ishq Kya is going to make you think again coz its a full fledge dancing track with excellent foot tapping music that will force you to shake a leg with its tunes!Now if you are thinking that its just a dancing number so lyrics would be just put into it to call it a song, you are "wrong" coz there is no compromise that has been done for that.  Once again, you will find some very high class poetry blended with a very hip-hop kind of music.Tere Bin is a sad song which has been sung by Taufiq.This song has already topped the charts everywhere.Taufiq has sung this song in such a way that it touches you so much deep inside somewhere.  Lyrics, poetry, singing,its a combination of the best of all of these three things which are mandatory to make a song ever lasting.  It is also having a remix which ,just like any other remixes of the album, has not lost its original charm and essence and is just adding the beauty of the original track with the remixed tunes.Zindagi Hosh Mein is more like a Sufi song.  Its lyrics are narrating the story of the life.  Poet have tried to narrate some very intense emotions in this song and he has accomplished it very successfully.  Its also having a remix.  This whole album is master piece in the terms of the music and if you really like to hear some "good" music and looking for it, you cant afford to not to hear this album!My rating for the album?Guess ;-)?You got it right, 5/5!I cant give it anything lesser than this.  Excellent work Pritam,Mithoon and Vivek!Keep up the good music coming !!


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