Friday, September 01, 2006

Finally finished....

My biggest problem is that I am not having my own laptop at the moment.  So whenever I am traveling,I miss  to read my favorite blogs.When I come back,I am welcomed by a huge list of blog items in all of my blog list.Its like an exercise to finish them :-(.Now you must say that why not I read them at work?Well here comes another problem and that is principles.  Never read anything personal on work which includes  blogs too.Strange?I know it is but cant help it now.  Anyway, as I am back( you know I am back home right ;-), I was reading my list of blogs.Just now I finished all of them.  I am happy?Definitely I am :-).Now there is some time to do some other work.  What is that?Write some of  my own thoughts, listen some music or the best and most difficult of all,do nothing
;-).Enjoy the weekend.


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