Monday, October 27, 2014

North India Chapter Of AIOUG-A Beginning….

I come from North India region of India. Though this part of India is considered to the richest, both in terms of wealth and culture, one thing that it lacks really badly is the awareness about what’s going in the IT world currently! There are just so many colleges and universities but the number of IT companies, doing serious IT work can be counted on fingers of one hand itself. In such situation, awareness about what’s going on the world of Oracle technologies is just so little. And that did bother me for a very long time. I always wanted to start something at that place where I was born and brought up. I had this discussion several times with my friend Navneet Upneja and we did think about couple of initiatives as well. But finally, when I shared the same with Murali Vallath, he suggested something which he himself did for a long time i.e. arranging a tech-meet with few topics presented on monthly basis. And very kindly, he also mentioned that AIOUG would be completely supportive in this initiative. Well, that was it and immediately, I talked to Navneet who brought with him two more friend(who are now the part of  “A-team” of AIOUG-North India Chapter)-Deepak Sharma & Nikhil Kumar. Along came Rohan Walia to support the initiative. So on March 29th,2014, we organized the 1st ever tech-meet up under the banner of AIOUG’s North India Chapter. To be honest, we didn’t expect but we got a really really good response. We did two talks with me presenting the latest feature of database version 12c, Multitenancy and Navneet spoke about the new features for Developers in database 12c. And since that time onwards, we have been conducting our monthly tech-meet on the last Saturday of every month and trying to cover as much as possible part of North India. Did I mention that the response has been just superb all the time?

This month, we marked the 8th tech-meet and also, we did for the 1st time, a webinar using G+ Hangout starting with the inaugural note by PS Janakiram from AIOUG board, followed by session of Rohan on ADF and in the last, session from me giving introduction of Exadata and Smart Scan. We decided to go for the webinar as it was a festival season and we believed, almost all the places, professionals would be enjoying a time-off with their family. So instead of asking them to come out and attend a tech-event, we decided to bring the event to them. And for those, who wouldn’t be able to join us, the recording would be there on our AIOUG-NIC(YouTube) channel. Though it was our very first attempt to conduct such kind of event but it turned out to be great. There were some small technical hiccups as we were using this hangout thing for the first time for such kind of technical session but that was kind of expected and we did overcome the issues eventually. It turned out to be a great session and we have decided now to incorporate this webinar along with our in-person monthly tech-meetup. After every 6 weeks, we shall be conducting one such webinar with one expert. In our opinion, it would be bringing such technical sessions to a wider audience, especially for those who can’t come and attend such events in person. Also, it would give opportunity for speakers to present their sessions with much ease. Hopefully, we shall be able to bring great experts on-board. The recorded webinar session is available at the following link,

It wouldn’t had been possible to start this journey without the continuous support of the All India Oracle Users Group(AIOUG) and without the awesome team of North India Chapter. A big thanks to all and also to all the attendees who have attended the past tech-meets ups. Without their encouragement and kind words, it would had been lot tougher to keep the ball rolling.

I am sharing the web-page of the group along with the social media links. If you are also willing to present, in either the in-person monthly event or in the webinar, feel free to ping us!

AIOUG-North India Chapter

AIOUG-North India Chapter(Facebook)

AIOUG-North India Chapter(Twitter)

AIOUG-North India Chapter(G+)

AIOUG-North India Chapter(YouTube)


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