Sunday, July 07, 2013

Another Week, Another Travel….

I am sitting at the airport right now waiting for my flight to be announced. Actually, waiting for my flight’s boarding gate to be announced because I reached on-time but thanks to the stupid Air-India, the flight is delayed for more than an hour. So there is no gate announcement done yet and I have about 3 hours to spend waiting before the boarding would start.

This past week has been a mixed kind of one. I had been on road for 4 weeks before I got a week off and I really really wanted to get back home as soon as possible because my mom wasn’t well at all in the last week of my travel. By the time I reached home, she was a little better but again in the last two days, she was having issues while eating anything. Any time she was having something, she would be feeling restless and nausea was there too. Fortunately, yesterday she was a little better and I am so hoping and praying that she is going to remain fine. The next 3 days were spent preparing and writing about two technical articles that I thought to post much earlier but didn’t get time at all to finish them. Finally, I completed and posted them as well. This week’s travel wasn’t really confirmed till 3 days ago so i had some other plans in my mind but now, since it’s on, I would require to change my schedules again. Even for the travel, I have mixed feelings.

This week’s travel is exciting for me because I am going to a place where I haven’t been before. I am not traveling to an overseas location but within India itself but still, I had never been to that place. So that’s one reason for being a little excited to see the place and as I have heard good things about it so I am keeping high hopes as well. The second reason for being a little relaxed is that the module is not a tough one and though I don’t know the audience yet but I have a fair guess that the audience also would be also okay. But I have a very deep fear in my mind as well, something that is making me so restless. When I got the news that my dad has left us, that week also I was taking the same module and was very relaxed thinking that I shall have a good week and probably a less hectic one. But everything changed in just few minutes and from being a relaxed week, that week’s date became that black date which brought just so many cries, tears and sadness for my whole family. I know I shouldn’t be thinking anything negative and most likely, the very idea of connecting a module with a wrong happening is probably a very absurd one but what to do, I have this feeling in my heart and no matter how do I try to console me, I can’t make myself feel relaxed. I have tried to make myself calm and brave-hearted but I don’t think I would ever be able to conquer this fear feeling ever!


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