Thursday, February 21, 2013


I am sitting on the airport at the moment waiting for my fight to be announced , which is not going to happen till the next one hour. It’s been about 10 days that I was at home and now, it’s the time to get back to the real world and work , which is required to sustain in real world.

The current moment of time is not really a very smooth one for me and my family. There has been MANY issues that have been coming and the biggest one, which is making me the most scared and tensed is the health of my mom. If you are a regular here, you might have read an earlier post where I had mentioned the same and also this that I was burning with anger because this was called or considered as “whatever” which it is really NOT! Anyways, it’s there and it’s just making me so worried right now. Just hoping and wishing so hard that all goes and remains fine. There is no more strength left in me now to even think about something even remotely close to what that I have faced in 2011!

It’s going to be a LONG travel with two connecting flights and I am just really so tired right now. There is a two-day nation wide strike going on and due to that, there was a lot of rush on the road of cars and other vehicles as the public transport vehicles were not moving much. The driver some how was trying to impress me with his driving skills and also was trying to meet up to the time that I had asked him for me to reach at the airport and I can just say, there were moments when I was just so horrified! At one instant, we had almost hit a vehicle next to us but the driver saved it some how. Not sure should I consider this as his good driving skills or reflexes or poor driving skills since he was over speeding on a national highway? Be it whatever, I am on the airport and hope there wont be any more surprises as there is a very tough session that’s ahead of me.


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