Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Finally, Done With The Session….

And not just this one , which started on this weekend but from the last one too that did happen at Colombo.

This session was a little unusual one for two reasons. One, it was going to get started on a weekend. I can’t recall that I have done it ever for a new session. I have taken sessions on the weekends but it would be mostly an extension or just a one day session. But this one was a new session and that was a little strange to start it of on Saturday. The second thing was the module itself. Though the module that I was going to handle was the one which I have taught many many times already but from the past few weeks, I hadn’t touched it at all as I was doing completely different modules. So though I did remember what it had, it was a little difficult to get into the flow. It’s finished now and also got finished with a very good rating but still, I am not very much satisfied with my work.

I may add another point for the unusual session and that would be that it did happen at Mumabi, a place where I haven’t travelled much (about 4 times only excluding this trip) and TBH, don’t like it much too here. Not sure why but I just can’t connect myself to this place. This time, my hotel was a little better and also it’s food. Probably that was the only thing good that I experienced. As usual, I didn’t go anywhere and question of sight seeing is just not there when I am in a session.

But all said and done, the delegates were very nice and friendly. It was great to discuss with them about RAC(the topic that I was delivering this week) especially as they were not from Oracle database background. There was a smile on everyone’s face when they left today and also gave a very good rating to me as well. So a big thanks to the delegates and hopefully, it may happen that I shall meet them soon some time in the near future as well.

Since I haven’t written about the Colombo tour so I shall just mention about it here as well and it would be in just one word, AWESOME! The company that I was visiting was not a new one for me since I had visited them already before in this year for two weeks. There were some familiar faces and also some new faces in the session but the warmth of the welcome, hospitality was just beyond words. The guys took extreme care of me and also they were very happy from the module, which is a bigger satisfaction for me given that this was the reason that I was there, to make them understand the module. At the end of the week, the delegates brought a very nice gift for me which was completely not needed but still I accepted it as a token of their appreciation for my work! Thanks so much everyone. It was really really great to be back there and spend some time talking about Oracle and other topics and also for all the hospitality, truly appreciate it and can’t wait to be back again soon!

So finally, the session is finished and now it’s going to be traveling time. I have asked the cab to come at 4pm and I am just hoping that he won’t be late. I just want to get to the airport and buy two things, one a big cup of coffee and two, a tablet for headache as it is killing me. After that, I just want to get some sleep. Hope it happens in the order I have mentioned it else it would be a real tough job to travel. Hope travel gods would be a little kind over me!


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