Friday, September 07, 2012

A Tough Week Came To A Happy End….

At times, its just so tough to finish a job, even when you have done the same job many many times before. There could be many reasons for the job to be tough but the end result still comes out to be that you end up feeling like dead after getting done with the day. The same happened with me in this week when I entered in the session of mine. The delegates didn’t want to listen to just the course contents but also wanted something “extra”-a demand which is very hard to meet!

I always wonder when delegates enter into the session and mention that the course for which they have come, is not a good course and they want to know more than what the book is talking about. From an end-user point of view, I can imagine and to a certain extent, I can even be agreed to the sentiment but from a practical point of view and from my side, its not possible always to meet such demand-especially when you didn’t know about it before(which also didn’t have helped much). There can be a lot that can be asked but when it comes to provide it, there can be numerous issues which could arise. Being on the other side of the podium is a completely different thing and you can’t feel it as long as you haven’t faced it!

Anyways, I am done with the session now (just finished it) and I believe, with whatever little I know, I was able to convince the delegates and also could answer their questions as well-at least most of them! Besides the demand of “extra”, there were many discussions that did happen in the entire week.Few were really good and few, well let’s call them good only for the sake of calling. The guys did leave with a smile on their face and quite a few did mention that it was a very good experience and session. So I believe, I was able to do an okay job-if not too good! And I believe that’s the saying too that all is well when it ends well!

I shall be at leaving for home in the morning. Its going to be a long journey back to home and also I have to start very early. It would be long, it would be tiring but as I am going to home, its completely worth it :=).


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