Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Am Monkey....

If you are thinking that I am going to call and treat myself like a Monkey from the title than you are wrong.Infact, I am talking about my sun sign according to Chinese Astrology.Chinese Astrology is different from the other astrologies available.According to it, persons are divided into 12 animal categories.Mine is Monkey according to that.If you do not know what's yours sun sign according to Chinese Astrology, you can check it out from here.  Just fill in your details of your date of birth and you will find the animal in you.Well now if you ask me that how much true it is, I can say that general charectristics for me looks okay and quite right.I specifically liked one line which says that "monkeys forgive but they don't forget.".Absolutely correct about me!
I am posting the link here once again so that its easy for you if you are interested in Chinese Astrology:
And last but not the least,
Let me know your animal also.


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