Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Just started

Hi there. Just started and this is my very first blog entry.I will try to write in this blog about my thoughts/ideas/researches/findings about Oracle Database/Solaris Operating System and everything else which can be out of the IT/Database world and will catch me.I have been reading some of the best blogs in the Oracle community(you can find them over here in the "Blogs I read" section) so it just came to my mind that why not have my own too.I am not sure that will I be able to keep this blog as much active as I want but I will try my best to do so.Well you can always read the ones which I listed over here anytime:-).If you want to know more about me,what do I do,like and things like that,feel free to visit my web-site.Your comments and suggestions are most welcomed. That's all for today I guess. Thanx a lot for coming. Cheers....


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