Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tired But Happy….

The entire weekend of mine, I spent in preparing for an upcoming new module which I am going to teach soon. I can’t even start to explain that how tiring the entire process of preparation is! Today, I have sat for straight 9 hours doing the hands-on with the product and trying to make it work. From last 8 days I am struggling to make the darn thing work but it didn’t happen. May be it didn’t because I was in the session teaching and doing the preparation of mine along with it. So may be I wasn’t paying a proper attention to all the details needed to get it going. Since yesterday, since I had no distractions , I was able to pay complete attention to the hands-on. But the worst part was that even till today afternoon, few of the things didn’t work. I tried a lot of this and that, but no, the result was zero. Finally, I decided to leave the given examples of the course curriculum and prepare my own demo. It would had solved two purposes. One, since its my own demo, the entire naming conventions and other stuff was in my control and would have given me a lot better clarity on what’s going on and how. Second, I chose to do a very simple example leaving any thing complex aside. And guess what, it did work! After spending so much time and seeing only error messages and some times, even they were not there too, it was just so good and satisfying to see it all working. I removed all the settings and did it again and it was working still. I can’t say that my work or preparation is over but yes, a major uplift is there with the things working and with this little bit of success, I can boost up myself to study harder and prepare more better. Let’s see how well I shall do.

This was the first reason that I am happy. The second reason of being happy is that I have finished my first 2 weeks of assignment and the delegates, after finishing the complete workshop, have given so MANY kind comments! How  happy the delegates were, I guess this comment shows just that,”It was like I was in the dark and didn’t see most of the aspects of the oracle DB and he brought light of knowledge after that I saw most of the aspects and beauty of them”. Now I am really not so good but the given comment is probably among the most satisfying ones for me. There is nothing more that makes me happy than seeing someone who is struggling with Oracle db, to understand it, work with it, anything to do with it, finally being able to most of it with ease and also geared up to walk on the path of learning this awesome piece of technology. And the delegates didn’t just limit themselves with comments and an excellent rating but also brought gift for me too! And guess what, not just one but two gifts along with a very sweet greeting card signed  by all of them! Touched I am that’s all I can say. Thanks so much everyone. I can just say this thanks but trust me, I mean it and I am so glad that I got an opportunity to come and share with you whatever little I know about Oracle db. I am really not worthy of getting  such kind words and gifts but thanks so much for all of it from the bottom of my heart! Thanks once again and hope, I would be able to meet you soon in some another program. Till then, keep preparing!

There was a group photo taken by the delegates and I shall be attaching it soon with this post.

So finally, the weekend is over and tomorrow, the deadly Monday is again coming with a new week. Hope the new weeks starts and goes on well. Those who are still having Sunday morning with them, have fun and those who are having the Sunday night with them, good night, because am going to crash on the bed now!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Am Good But Not Stupid….

Its just amazes me at times that how cunningly smart people try to be by using some of the worst excuses that can be possibly made. This is the same which happened with me today  leaving me surprised and angry at the same time.

I am traveling overseas at the moment name of which I shall not mention. I have been here before and I must say that I really like the place and even than that, people of this place. This is my 3rd visit to this place(probably would be the longest too) and every time I come here, I feel very happy and also very closer to my home too. And even this time, the experience so far otherwise has been the same. I have got some really GREAT feedback comments from the delegates. If I may mention one of them it is,”Oracle is lucky to have an instructor like Aman” . Need I ask for more? I can just say I am just so grateful for so kind words from the delegates and that’s enough to mention that how so nice the people over here are!

And just when all is so good, some idiot like the one I met today, comes and leaves you with an upset mood!

After finishing my day, I was waiting in front of the venue building for my hotel car to come and pick me up. Just then a mid-aged man and a kid walked towards me from the other side of the road and before I knew, they were there right in front of me. The man , very respectfully said hello to me and also asked that from where I am, how I am finding the place and also that because I looked like a very nice gentleman, he felt so tempted to come and talk to me. Obviously, I felt very nice and greeted him back very respectfully. Now, all of a sudden in all of these good talks and exchanging greetings, this man started to tell , out of no-where mind it, that how his daughter has met with an accident and he needs 30,000 bucks to get her treatment done! Wait a second, all of my Aquarian-detective-alike neurons of mind got activated and I was now listening to him very carefully , paying attention to every word coming out of his mouth and also to every gesture that he was making. He kept on saying that how he doesn’t know any one at this place and how serious his daughter is! And than the bombshell came. He said that he has 25,000 bucks and all what he needs is the remaining 4000 bucks. Really, just that much? And the last thing which he added what made me really so so mad, my grandson said that this person(me) is looking very nice so we must go and ask him for help. Give me a break will you! I told to him that I am very sorry to hear it but I am here on a business trip and despite that I would had been very happy to offer some help,  I can’t because my company is sponsoring this entire trip and I have no cash with me. Listening this, his smile became shorten and he said that okay, whatever I can offer to help would be fine. To which I replied the same answer that I gave already-sorry I can’t give anything because I don’t have. Well, his smile, by now, was completely gone and with a very forced way he said no problem and have a nice stay! Sure, I said and sat in my car.

Now, just for the record those who don’t know me beyond this web, if someone would approach to me for help, doesn’t matter that I know him or not, if I shall find him giving a genuine request, I would do all what I possibly can do to help the person. I have done it so many times already. I won’t claim that I am the nicest soul alive on this planet earth but yes, I am not so bad and in general,am a good guy, mostly. But that does NOT mean that I am  stupid either. I may not say and show but I am much more keen observant than one can possibly guess. Some one did mention it so many times that my eyes feel like they would penetrate within inside and yes, that’s VERY true. I am very good in finding odd things in a person’s sayings, looking in the eyes and see whether the words coming out of the mouth are true or not, to observe very closely a person’s behaviour and decide quickly that what he is up to. If you think that I am doing a lot of self-praise here, well be it! Yes, I do look like a nice person and for the record, I am indeed a nice person but that doesn’t mean that with one pity story, I can be fooled and especially when its such a flawed story in the first place. How on earth a father, whose daughter is in the hospital , is looking for mere 4000 bucks on the road by seeking the amount from strangers! That’s just one of those silly mistakes that he had in his story. But never mind all of this, I could forget this as just some another guy looking for some quick bucks but what really made me felt so upset that how shamelessly he used that kid for his own greed? What impression did it leave for that kid, what lesson he must have got from all this? I was just fuming with anger while coming back to hotel.

I don’t know what impression I was carrying on my face that the guy thought he can actually con me. If it was, as he said, because I look nice, well I am nice but that doesn’t mean , as I said already, that I am stupid and can be taken for granted, especially not when there is not even an iota of truth in the story being narrated to me.

How shameless and greedy people can be at times, just so weird, so much!

Friday, May 11, 2012

RIP DJ Unkz, Gone But Not Forgotten….

How much hard it is to bear the pain of living without those who leave you in this world in tears and go to heaven, can be only understood by those who have faced this situation! I lost my dad last year in October itself and there are no words which I can say to describe what I feel inside. The mere thought that my mom was all alone at that time, how she was screaming over the phone as well as crying when she called me to tell that some thing is wrong with dad as he wasn’t saying anything. makes me shiver even now! That whole travel that I did since 3am from Banglore>Mumbai>Chandigarh and then to home being in tears, its just me who knows what I went through in it. I know its the same for all who lost their parents but as I say always, its always your own pain which hurts you the most so forgive me if I am just mentioning mine over here in my blog. If I could do, I would certainly had made sure that no one in this world would ever face that fateful when they have to see their parents die and/or any of their loved ones! But its not possible and that means, we all must go through this pain despite whatever we say. Though we may not know them all who undergo this pain but, as I said, all feel the similar sort of pain when they see any of their beloved one die. This post is just to mention that one another person who faced the similar loss , of his brother.
I won’t say much except this that today once again my eyes are wet after hearing a song which is made by a brother as a tribute to his brother who, like my dad, left him and his family so early and went to heaven. Call it a coincidence or whatever, the guy, actually should mention him DJ only, who has produced this song. also carries the same name which I have, Aman! The song is a tribute to his lost brother who also was a DJ himself, DJ Unkz aka Unkar. Its in Punjabi and I am really not in a state of mind to do the translation of it in English neither I think its required also because the flowing tears of DJ Aman would explain the meaning of the song and reflect his inside pain very well. Watch it below,
In this world, where two brothers can’t even stand each other for a minute even, this effort of DJ Aman for his late brother is not just commendable but also an example for all those who take their loved ones for granted. Don’t ever do that because you never know those whom you are ignoring, fighting with over petty things, they may not be even there in this world and no matter how hard you would call for them, you won’t be able to find them anywhere! RIP DJ Unkz! As DJ Aman said, you are gone but definitely , won’t be forgotten!

Friday But Not TGIF Kind….

Yes, because I am working tomorrow which means its not a TGIF for me. I am at Colombo right now and would be here I believe next week as well. Those who are a regular here would be knowing that I have been here already couple of times and as like any of my work related travels, I haven’t seen nothing of it. And more importantly, I am having a new module to prepare because hopefully I shall be having a session of it soon, I am already very much occupied! So whatever chances possibly could be there for any sort of sight seeing also have been vanished. But even if its not a TGIF for me, I have still spent some time searching for some good songs and also for some good poetry out of which one song I shall be sharing in the immediately coming next post. For poetry, it may take some time. So all of you who are lucky enough to have a TGIF tomorrow, I envy you so much Smile. Just kidding, have fun!