Thursday, December 30, 2010

Few Awesome Words….

At times, some wordings , even when they come in front of you all of a sudden, are so good and awesome that they leave a print on your mind and heart for forever. Yes, it does require that you do have what it would take to understand the deepness of those words though. I came across such one short poetic marvel few days back which I liked so much and thought would share it here. So since today, I have got some time free with me and also, thanks to headache(and a little fever which is slowly creeping its way) due to which I am not able to do anything technical at least today, I thought to finally put that poetry here. I actually should have been sleeping since I haven’t slept almost not at all in the entire last night, but I am not able to so what more can be better than sharing something which I really liked so much! So here is the Punjabi version of the poetry first,

Kalleyan ishq kamauna aukha,
Kise nu yaar banauna aukha!

Pyar pyar te har koi bole,
Kar k pyar nibhauna aukha!

Har koi dukhaan te hass lainda e,
Kise da dard wandauna aukha!

Gallaan naal nai rutbey milde,
Jogi bhes watauna aukha!

Koi kise di gall nai sunda,
Lokkaan nu samjhauna aukha!


And here is it’s translation in English,

It's tought to just give love,
It's tough to make someone a companion!

All can sing the word,"love",
It's tough to actually be in it and live upto the expecations!

All can laugh over someone's pains,
It's tough to share the same of someone!

It's not mere talks which can bring laurel,
It's tough to actually live like a saint!

No one listens to cries of anyone,
It's tough to make people understand!


And there is one more, smaller one compared to above but equally good IMO,

Sab ke hothon par tabassum tha mere qatal ke baad,
Jaane kya soch ke rota raha qaatil mera!

And it’s translation in English is,

On everyone's face, there was a smile after I was killed,
Not sure what made my murderer cry his heart out?


Like I said, few wordings are just awesome! Aren't the above two are of the very same level? If you ask me, the answer is, absolutely!

Chilly Travel….

I have just got back home today morning. I wasn’t supposed to come back actually since there was another session scheduled for me but somehow, it got cancelled. If you have read random thoughts, you would be knowing about the reasons that why it got cancelled. In a way, it happened for good only because I am completely burnt out and was having no strength to pull it through at all. So after a little bit of initial confusion that whether I am traveling back or not, it was finalized yesterday that I am indeed traveling back and I did!

it had been cold two weeks at Hyderabad and it seems that I brought the same cold, chilly weather with me back to home as well. The temperature in Hyderabad is always pleasant, at least in the night it’s like this. Since I have seen, experienced much colder weathers than what the residents of Andhra live into, I can bear much more “cold” than what is there. But still, this time, even for me, it was indeed cold there. The temperature was almost the same which was there few days back at New Delhi which was surprising because I never experienced it before ever there. And obviously, for the local residents, this was indeed TOO COLD! I didn’t switch on any air-conditioner or even fan too all the while when I was there this time. I knew it already that if it’s this much cold here , it would actually be much colder when I shall be traveling back to home and the same did happen too!

I started my travel at around 6:30pm by picking a cab towards the airport. The flight was scheduled to fly at 9:30pm and I was almost certain that the flight would be getting delayed because there has been extreme foggy weather at Delhi, especially after 10pm thus making the flight’s descend very tough! But to my surprise, the flight was on time. I don’t know how did it happen but there was not even few minutes delay too in the flight. I didn’t buy anything to eat from the airport except for a cup of coffee. I had that and was waiting for the flight. There wasn’t any (free) food to be served in the flight and since I was having headache, I didn’t want to have anything too. The flight was almost smooth, there wasn’t many bumpy shakes. Since I was traveling through a low-cost carrier which comes on a different airport, there wasn’t much rush on the airport. Within 5 minutes, I got my luggage and was ready to take the cab to the bus-stand. Just there, at the moment when I had to pick the cab to move towards the bus-stand, the whole experience , which could be smooth, was ruined. Why? Well, I took a pre-paid cab and my no was 2. Now, when I approached the cab-stand and reached at the spot of number 2, even though there was driver standing there but he overlooked me and started looking for someone who was behind me and started calling him to get in the cab. I did try to call him and ask but he didn’s listen and I was just standing quietly thinking that the next cab would come. At that moment, I heard some other cab driver saying that why you didn’t take that other passenger( me) into the cab? To which the driver replied, the other passenger has lots of luggage so he would get extra for the luggage besides the fare. Hmm so that was the reason! Needless to mention , I was FURIOUS! It’s a bad idea to ignore me and it’s even more bad to do it purposefully. I was looking for the traffic cop so that I could complain. In the meantime, that “extra luggage” passenger dropped off from the same cab and walked down. The driver rushed towards him and tried to pursuit him back to the cab but he refused. I have no idea what happened that made that passenger to do so but anyways, I was already very angry on that driver so I didn’t really pay attention to what was happening around. I was still looking for the cop when the same driver approached to me and asked that whether I would want to go? Huh? You didn’t pick me up in the first place Mister when it was your duty since it was my turn. You bypassed me and now when your original plan got backfired, you are here now to pick me up. I was just so mad! I told him that I am not going to ride in his cab, doesn’t matter what! A traffic cop came by that time towards us and I explained him the whole matter. He immediately asked the cab driver to take his cab out and arranged another cab for me. I normally don’t like to make anyone’s life problematic but yesterday, I don’t think anything else could be done. I left the airport towards bus stand.

There wasn’t much rush at the bus stand yesterday. I knew which bus would be there at that time when I would reach stand. You tend to pick up these kind of things if all what you do is travel. I went to the counter and guess what, I knew the guy who is the in-charge of the tickets of that specific depot. Not that it’s something really to be proud about but yes, when you know someone and greet him from his name, the least he can do is to offer you a cup of tea and give you the ticket without asking to get in the queue :) . So I got my ticket, placed my luggage within the bus, bought a water bottle and was now in the bus. It was very cold and I could just imagine how much colder it would be on the way when the bus would finally be moving on the road. When the bus started, the cold wave became really strong even when all the windows were very firmly closed. It was already so cold and whatever rest was left to make things even more chilled, was completed by the downpour which started almost in the half way of the travel and did continue even after I got back home. Luckily, there wasn’t any delay that did come in the travel because of all this and I was able to get back home on time, something which I was really looking forward to.

Now, I am at home and since from the past few days, my health is not so well, the first thing I would do would be that I shall take some rest and would also visit some good doctor. Hope rest and some good medicine would make me a little better if not completely , fingers crossed :) .

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Done With The Session & Got A Slight Bitter Taste In Mouth….

I have just finished the session. Though overall, it did went okay and as I mentioned in the last post, the delegates( overall) were good and friendly. This was among those sessions which are really hard to do and takes a lot from your mental side because there are tons of things in it which are really hard to express and show in a confined outlined content, not to mention that there are some practical hands-on as well which delegates must finish and is an integral part of the curriculum. So overall, looking at all the factors, it can be easily categorized as a very tough module to deliver and to be honest, to attend and understand. That’s not the only trouble with the course that it’s tough, there is one more and a bigger, more serious one!

If a course is really really tough too, it can be made easy by going into very deep of the things provided the people who are sitting in front of you are actually able to understand what’s coming out of your mouth and words spoken by you are not for Hebrew for them. I have already mentioned that the course is a tough one , both for the instructor and for the delegates with tons of things inside and less time to pack them all up and that’s the reason most of the delegates actually feel that it’s a highly “packed” course and find it really tiring yet very rich with content and knowledge. Still, there are always few who call it exceptionally tough and not so easy to follow, fair enough! It’s not hard to determine that why such feeling is there with them. But, as I said, there is one more trouble. The course is intended for those people who hardly know a thing or two about how database works and are come with a feeling that there would be some magic “wand” given to them which would make them capable to go and tune everything in just a touch to the database. Well, unfortunately, that magic wand is yet under production and for the meanwhile, they have no other choice but to learn all those things first which they are never bothered before to know, like how database engine works, what happens inside and so on! All this is really important to know because of a simple fact, you can’t even think to “tune” something as long as you don’t know how the heck it “works” ! Now, this is not the only trouble , there is one more. The people who are supposed to do the actual work are not the one who come to the session most of the times. There are tons of information, references which are accessible only to a specific , super-users only and those who normally come, are not from that domain. So what happens when you have few guys who neither have the necessary knowledge to look at the guts of the database and understand it’s working nor have the rights to even try doing so? You get an unsatisfied delegate who blames you, the instructor for not able to understand anything or most of the things. That’s exactly what happened with me in the current session too. I don’t know who but one delegate wrote in the final review sheet that the instructor unnecessary explained some concepts and didn’t tell more about the things which he was interested to listen. Well, the instructor only could tell what was in the prescribed courseware. He couldn’t go beyond it since he had a strict schedule with him to follow. And he can’t help in this that most of the stuff really would require the knowledge of that “unnecessary portion” beforehand . I understand the pain that one may feel being in such situation where most of what the person standing in front of you is talking, doesn’t make much of the sense. But you must know that there are always pre-requisites of any session and you must check that how much of them you have covered. I always suggest delegates to give a read of the book once they go back home after the session but only see that there are lots of excuses for not doing so all the time. Well, I do understand that there are other things too which one has to look after and it’s not the class or work which is everything. But when you know that you are in such a session which is a tough one, you don’t know much of it, the least you can do is to re-read the covered content at least by the time the session is going on. If nothing else, it would help you to recall some keywords spoken in the session and notes in the book, would help in understanding some of them too. But if you are not going to do that too and still think that it’s the fault of instructor that you are not able to understand things, I feel that’s not a correct statement to make. I know myself that if I shall be in such a situation, I shall not sleep, take rest at all in those many days when I shall be in such a session in the attempt to understand as much as possible. But that’s may be me only and not all has to be like me( I can be wrong too) .

I am going to fly back to home tonight. I was thinking that once the session would be over, I shall be feeling relived but I am actually feeling like having a very bitter taste in my mouth and burning. I shall be fine after some time but till then, it’s going to be striking in my mind constantly, something which I really didn’t want to happen at all. Bad, that’s all I can say! 

Random Thoughts….

I was actually going to put the title as “two gone, one left” but then I changed it to the current one. No, the original one didn’t mean anything “adventurous” but it was just to mention that out of 3 days of my current session, two are over today and there is only one left. It has been a tough tour for me actually. Not to mention that the modules are really tough, the constant headache, fever, wandering mind, all of these made things really really harder than they actually could be. There are some other things on at the home front too which are also not pleasant and thus adding to the already-not-good mindset of mine. I should be sleeping by now but there is no sleep in the eyes and that’s the reason of me sitting and compiling some random thoughts.

I guess I have mentioned it already that the module is really tough and not the current only but all the past three that I have finished so far. Some do ask me that why do I think that they are tough? In fact, even just today, I had a conference call with a sales-rep. She wanted me to do a session for few days here only. I haven’t worked with her before ever but I had heard about her before though. She came with a reference of a colleague so the least I could do was to answer the call. She told me about the requirement and asked that can I go for a telecon with the client right after talking to her. It was my lunch time and since the module is really tough, I was actually on a very tight schedule. She was from sales so there was no point talking to her about the technical matters so to save hassles of the future, I decided to give a go for the call. Did I mention that it’s all was happening in lunch time? The call went okay, well it wasn’t any different from the other calls which come from clients who wants everything or most of everything but are not ready to go for a real heavy priced shop for it. Though they are not willing to pay really well but they are not ready to listen that there can be any shortness of quality in anything. Hmm now, let’s see this, less price, same (or better) quality, well that’s not a very good match if you ask me. But still, it’s okay. After the call, I asked the sales rep to arrange few things and made my point clear about somethings, very clear in-fact! Well, I could guess from her tone of her voice that she wasn’t very pleasant and I don’t really doubt her. All what sales has to do is to sell, how to deliver what’s sold, is not their problem actually, that’s the problem of the person who is going to face the heat and that’s yours truly. And most of the times, its the sales from whom I hear, “oh what’s so tough in that" . Yeah right! Well, I am very strict when it comes to terms and things since once committed, I would give my head but won’t let things fall apart in best of my powers. And that’s the reason that I am very fussy or if I may say, appear to be very fussy! Anyways, it wasn’t really a surprise but she called off everything since she hadn’t have the necessary resources to pull things through. I must be honest in saying this that I actually felt a little relived since I am really feeling a little burnt out at the moment and am not in any mood to make myself more upset. The current session, even the module is tough, is going okay. The best part, as like always, is that the delegates are awesome. Very friendly, attentive and few did tell in off timings that they are finding the session worth of their time spent. Well, nothing else I need to hear to feel a little relived. There are some more modules that I need to pick ASAP and I am just not able to make a schedule of how and when for them. Also, I have to write couple of exams as well. I am going to make a time schedule hopefully very soon and will try to finish these things ASAP.

I have my office very near to the place where I am staying at the moment. I am not able to pull myself together to do the workout ( note to self, you have promised so must do it), I decided to walk to-from office. It’s not really too much of a workout but still, it’s better than not doing anything. In fact, I even made a colleague of mine to walk with me too today. Another thing which I have decided to do from now on is not to eat at the office canteen. Not that I am against eating there or not liking the food, no such thing. Okay,well may be, I am not really happy with the food’s taste but not the prevailing reason for not having it. The reason for not having it there is that at times, you do over-eating and I want to cut-short of it. And the best way to do this is to get just the meal that you like in taste , in that quantity only which you think is neither too less nor too much and carry it to work yourself. So that’s what I have said to my cook today that get me my lunch packed daily whenever I am here. He surely won’t have any issues since I don’t want to have ten dishes. So I did carry my lunch for the first time to the office, packed at my hotel and it was a good experience. I am thinking to continue the same at every place where I go. At least I can make a request for the same and hope that the cook at that place would understand the reason for me asking for it.

I was going to write about few geek stuff related to some gizmos as well but I shall save it for another post.  There is an excellent piece of poetry that I have just got in an email which also I shall be putting here soon. But again, that would be an another post. There are tons of things on mind going around at the moment making me really upset and since the headache has started to raise it’s head again just now, I should better better find something that can ease the headache a little bit so that I can sleep, even for a little while it would be fine. Let’s see if there is something that I can find!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trying In Vain….

Its almost 2am and I am not able to find sleep anywhere near to my eyes. One reason can be is this headache which is just not ready to go away. One of my colleague, in the office mentioned that it can be serious and can be a migraine as well. I can’t say that I can deny any of the two things. Its not that I didn’t take any medicine or tablet for it, I did and in fact, I did have just a few hours ago in a hope that it will heal the headache but it doesn’t seem to be working. The other reason that probably is not letting me sleep is the presence of so many thoughts in mind about so many things. I wish, like computers, there could be a reboot or a “kill –9” ( command to terminate forcefully a struck (even running) program) to my mind :). But it can’t happen but still, I am trying( in vain) to get somewhat near to it. Let’s see, how far I would be able to go.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lonely Weekend Day-2….

Well, as I said already, I wasn’t very hopeful about it being any different from day 1 and I came out to be correct. There is nothing which I would mention about the day as good. The day started (actually carried forward from yesterday) with a headache which is still giving me company (despite of my wish) . On top of it, there is a lot of things that are going on in the mind making me so much upset and tense. So all I did was that I was in my room, ordered lunch from outside and took a small nap after having it and after that, was just in the room lost in the thoughts. I just had two Disprins for headache and would be going to bed now in a hope that sleep may come, even for some time, it would be fine since I have a session starting tomorrow and it’s needless to mention that it’s a tough one. Hope sleep shows some kindness over me.

Sad But Amazing Poetry….

I am sure that you must be waiting for the Day-2 update but that probably has to wait because there is nothing I have done so far which can be counted as an update. After a real late wake-up, all I have done is that I have had my breakfast and also two Disprins to ease out a little the headache which is hammering my head like someone is playing drums with full power. To make things real spicy, there are some tons of thoughts which are there in my mind. I have made a small plan to visit some mall in the afternoon, let’s see how much I would be able to stick to it? Anyways, so if this post is not about the update of weekend’s Day-2, what it’s all about? Well, its about poetry which I have read and really liked.

Words, either in written or spoken form, can do wonders in expressing emotions. Yes at times, even words are not enough to express some things and fail miserably even getting closer to show some emotions. But that’s not what I am going to write about here. I read three very nice poetries and wanted to share them here with their translation done in English(the original versions are in Hindi) . The poetries are really sad but still, they are just amazing! So without much delay, let’s have a read of them. Here goes the first one,

Dushman ko bhi seene se laganaa nahin bhoole,
Hum apne bazurgon ka zamana nahin bhoole!

Tum aankhon ki barasat bachaye huye rakhna,
Kuchh log abhi aag lagana nahin bhoole!

Ye baat alag haath kalam ho gaye apne,
Hum aap ki tasveer banana nahin bhoole,

Ik umar hui main to hansi bhool chukaa hoon,
Tum ab bhi mere dil ko dukhana nahin bhoole!


And here is its translation in English,

I haven't forgotten to give a hug to my enemies too,
I haven't forgotten the times of my elders still!

Save the showers within your eyes,
Some people haven't forgotten to burn still!

That's another story that my hands are chopped,
I haven't forgotten to paint your picture still!

Its been a decade that I have remembered how to smile,
But you haven't forgotten to hurt my heart still!


Now, the second one,

Meri qismat ki lakeerein mere haathon mein na thi,
Tere maathe par koi mera muqaddar dekhta!
Aankh mein aansoo jade the par sada tujhko na di,
Is umeed par k shayad tu palat kar dekhta!


And it’s English translation is,

Lines of my destiny were not there in my hands,
Someone would have seen my fate on your forehead!
Tears were glued to my eyes but I didn't call you,
In a hope that you would turn back and look at me!


And here goes the last one,

Apne haalat ka bhi ehsaas nahin mujh ko Faraz,
Maine logoon se suna hai k pareshan hoon main!

I myself even am not aware about my own condition Faraz,
I have overheard people saying that I am upset!


Amazing isn’t it?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another Lonely Weekend-Day1….

I have finished my last session yesterday and there is another one that I need to finish, starting from this Monday. And that means, that  I have a weekend with me to spend here. If you are sitting all alone in a far distant place, have no idea what to do, where to go and have a weekend in front of you to spend, it can be a real tough thing to handle. Okay, may be I am just exaggerating things a little too much. I do have an idea about the place in fact as I am visiting here from quite some time, know couple of places where I can go but may be it’s just upset mind of mine because of which I am not getting up and actually going. I have planned to visit some shopping mall in the evening in a hope that since it’s Xmas, there would be a little different decoration that would be there. Oh and BTW, Merry Xmas to all who happen to visit this place. I wish you all a very great 2011 and hope you would enjoy your Xmas and weekend, with your family and friends in a great spirit and would have a great time!

If I am sounding a little cranky, well the reason of that may be is that. there is a lot that’s going on in my mind at the moment and I am not really sure how to put it at rest, even for a small while too. I think I should plug-in my iPod touch earphones in my ears with volume level raised to the maximum so that my mind won’t get time to do anything except hearing tons of tunes :) .


So I finally got myself up and went to have a coffee at Barista. I didn’t know that they do have an outlet around to the place where I am saying. I just happened to see the outlet while taking a walk. Even when I did find them there, I am not too pleased with the service they offered. I ordered a Ginger-Honey tea with vegetarian Pasta. Though the tea was okay, but the Pasta was fitting completely into the profile of “bad” . I happened to finish it somehow and left for the hotel. Even though I can’t say that the Barista experience was really pleasant but still one good thing happened and that is that I walked a lot. I have been walking to-from the office-hotel daily as well. I am not feeling well so not doing any workout when I am back at the hotel so hope that this walk for about 4kms would fill in the gap somewhat. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Travel Update(Again)….

It’s going to be a short update though because I am not feeling well, both mentally and physically. I reached here at Hyderabad yesterday evening after finishing a two weeks program at Banglore. Though I initially decided and it was suggested to me as well by Amardeep and Ankit that I should actually stay with them over weekend, I still decided to go to home for a day. My mother’s health is not fine at the moment. So even when it was just going to be a day long visit, I decided to go to home. This proved to be much tougher than I thought because of the extreme chilly weather. To make things worse, the flight of mine got delayed by more than 2 hours. I planned to reach Delhi by 12am so that I could reach home early morning. But thanks to the delayed schedule, I only managed to reach at about 2:30pm to the bus stand itself. I managed to get a bus right away and finally reached home at about 9am. The day was completely packed with lots of things to be done and that’s an essentially tough task when you are not feeling well and having a fever.

I did managed to finish all the things before the day could get over. Needless to mention that I was dead tired by that time the day got over and the best part was that I was leaving again next (very early) morning at 5:30am. I wanted to sleep in the train but I couldn’t because there was just so much chaos in the entire train. I only could catch a nap for about 10 minutes or so maximum and after that I was just watching those people who were doing all sorts of things to keep me awake. For example, there were bunch of girls who I believe were visiting from some other country and were in impression that they are in their house balcony and can do whatever they want, talk whatever they feel like. Then there were three guys who got into an argument with a couple and many more funny characters like that were there in the train. I took the cab and went straight to the airport. I believe the chaos that was there with lots of weird characters did follow me at the airport as well.

I really don’t understand girls who are filthy rich and think that they own this world. And for the record, I hate such gals( and guys) more than anything else. I am not the one who would lose temper so easily but mess with me and/or try to show me how “cool” you are with your attitude, you would be able to successfully make me upset and it’s not at all good if I am upset. And that’s what exactly an iPhone queen did to me when I was at the airport. I was in the check-in queue and a must-be-rich gal with her eyes glued on her iphone and all the dinging-dangling stuff was standing behind me. There was a lot of rush because of a group check-in and it was taking time. Now, all of sudden she tapped on my shoulder and asked me, “are you in the “line”? Huh? I couldn’t get what she asked in the first place so I said,” I beg your pardon” and she repeated her line( without even looking at me) , “are you in the line” ? Well, she did what she could to pist me off really well and so I was. I replied, “you mean am I in the queue, well yes I am” . And she looked at me with her burning face. She did start saying that I have no manners and all that and just at that time, I thought of a good use of my new ipod touch. I plugged in the earphones in my ears and just forgot that she was there because for me, it was “mission accomplished” already. Oh yes, I can be very bad once pushed and that was just one of those moments. I got my boarding pass and walked off for security check and to eat something.

I managed to get here in one piece despite a real bumpy flight. The session has started and let’s see how it goes. Oh yes, I didn’t mention anything about “not being well” . Well, there is some fever, some mouth ulcers, some sore throat for the physical side and for the mental side, the list is far too long to be put here.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Day-1 Update & Day-2….

There was nothing too exciting that I did on day 1. I had to go to doctor for my checkup, thanks to Mr. Headache, so I went to him. He didn’t say anything which I myself don’t know. I mean, I do know I have to sleep, eat , don’t have to stress out myself and all such normal things. I believe all know it right :) . Anyway, I did listen to all what doctor said. He said , he is going to give me a strong medicine for headache and I should revisit him after three days. I certainly would do that if I would get some time and once I shall finish the medicine ( I forgot to have it today but I shall have it after dinner because headache is still there) . Okay, enough about medicine, doctor. The next place I went to was the famous M.G. Road of Banglore, a place which boasts a huge presence of many shopping malls, big shops and lots of people. Tons of stuff is sold there and I could see only the branded, really costly stuff there. It seems all the people just go for one thing and that is , shopping. I didn’t buy anything for me. I did do a little of shopping for my sister, had a donut at The Donut Baker which I was told is really good and in fact, it was actually really good! I was told that they don’t have any more branches in India. I believe that can be a correct statement because I haven’t seen any outlet of these people anywhere else. I shall search now more closely as well. After that, I had dinner at Mast Kalandar, which I believe is agai at Banglore only (as I was told) . But anyways, the food was okay. I didn’t find it really that good and certainly not worth to recommend to someone else. After that, I was back at my hotel room. Day 1 was over. Okay, well the day was over but the most happy thing I did hear in the night only. I won’t mention it here but it’s something thinking about which I was smiling for so long :) . What it’s about? Well, I won’t tell it here except this that it’s related to shopping only :) .

Day 2 didn’t have anything too exciting as well. I was in my hotel up till afternoon. Then I went to a nearby Gurudwara. I spent some half an hour there. After that, I had lunch at a small food outlet, Gangothri Food. Food was okay but the service was not good IMO. I ordered something for me and they took more than 15 minutes to get it. I cancelled the order after such a long delay. I won’t say the food’s taste wad bad so for the food, I can recommend the place to anyone. I was back at my room after that and was on the bed sleeping for most of the time because of headache.

That pretty much sums the weekend. Now, I have to see tomorrow about the session, hope it goes of well!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weekend Day-1….

I came back yesterday quite late. In fact, I had come late in this entire week. After coming back too, I was (am) so tired that all I could do was just to study for some time and then would go to bed in a hope that I would be able to sleep for some time. But that too didn’t happen and I am not sure that whether it would be happening in these forthcoming days as well. Headache, tons of things on mind, being tired from work, these are few of the top reasons that I can think of for not  getting enough sleep. Anyways, what would happen , will see about it later. Let’s talk about today and a little about yesterday.

I am coming to this place Banglore from last 5 years now and I have been working with one manager over here. Ironic it may sound, but I have not met her for more than twice (2nd was yesterday) in all these years and that too , not for more than 5 minutes. But its always a pleasure to meet her and the way she comes and meets, that’s really good. Yesterday, I was busy talking to some delegates of mine when she saw me. She didn’t come to see me specially but was on the same floor due to some other work of her. She came to me and was very happy to see me. She mentioned her regret that she doesn’t get time to see me because of her busy schedules , to which I just said it’s okay madam. She said a lot of good words to me about me, about my work and said that we are very happy to have you with us. When you are not feeling physically well, mind is also not very stable thanks to tons of things, such kind words appear like a droplets of rain in desert. I am not really that good as much as she said but still, it’s always good and satisfying to know that people appreciate you and your hard work. I don’t work very hard but still, I put in a lot of effort in my work to make sure that it goes fine without bothering about me, my health, my mental state, anything! As she was so much busy so she had to leave and even I had to get back to my session, so we said bye to each other and moved towards our rooms. It was indeed a very good thing and probably the only good thing, that did happen in the last week.

The session was very tough and if you have been following, there were tons of things that went wrong in it. There were two machines which we got sorted out only on Thursday evening. I know how much I had to suffer to get this done. Numerous calls within the office timings, after the sessions, many emails, constant follow up and not to mention the angry delegates who didn’t get the machines for 4 days, that was too much to handle. But still, despite all of these issues, finally when the session concluded yesterday, it ended on a good note and all the delegates were happy. There were lots of long discussions that we did in the entire week but despite everything, all did end on a good note, leaving me a little relived.

I have another session here itself starting from Monday. I am not going back to home and shall be staying here for this weekend. There is nothing much for me to do here still, I have got a small schedule for me. I shall be going to see the doctor today and after that, will try to go to a Gurudwara. There is a famous market here on M.G. Road. I shall see if I can go there for some time, entirely depends on my mood though. I went to a nearby Barista for a coffee in the morning just few minutes ago but had a hot ginger-honey tea instead of coffee. I am back in my hotel room now and will try to sleep for some time. Let’s see if able to catch it up or not?

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ironical Isn’t It….

It was one of those days when calling me “dead” after the class is just about right! I was(am) having a very bad headache since the morning itself and it was just (bad) luck that  today only was the first day out of forthcoming three which are having the toughest of the things lined up. So because of this, there was a HUGE discussion which did happen throughout the day. I spoke almost non-stop ( took a break of 10 minutes for tea) for about 3.5hours in the first half before the lunch time happened and then after it, again for about 1.5 hours. There was a small rest which I got when the delegates were doing their practice but by that time, the pain in the throat was already there and I was feeling like “dead” . The delegates suggested to finish one more chapter to save time for the practice on the last day and there was no reason for me to say no for it so after that break, I again delivered a session for about one hour. By this time, I was almost not able to stand up. I had to look for two machines which are down since the first day itself. I have used almost all what I could and also have raised the support ticket for it ( which is also now escalated to a Severity level) but there is nothing which has worked so far. After that, I had no energy left in me and I started for my hotel. I was so tired that I just had a quick dinner, a cup of tea and was on bed up till now. The headache has not been fine at all despite that I have taken Disprin after dinner. Eyes are burning and mind is going crazy for not sure why. I must be asleep since being so tired but despite that I was on bed for almost an hour, there are no signs of sleep anywhere and I am just wide awake. If that’s not ironical, not sure what else can be?

Monday, December 06, 2010

Cold, Headache, Tired, Sleepy….

Warning: If its going to sound completely unordered post, well, believe that it’s really is a result of an equally disturbed mind inside a sick body.

I am at Banglore. Even though my day yesterday started at about 3:45am, I spent almost the entire day, up till 8pm to reach here. The journey was so much tiring and thanks to couple of types of pains, it wasn’t really a joy as well. I managed somehow to take dinner and was on bed quite early. I had no strength in me and not much has changed even today as well.

As I just said, my day started really very early morning yesterday. In fact, saying that the “day started” won’t be completely correct because I couldn’t sleep at all the other night at all. Since about 7pm, really very severe pain started in the lower portion of my right leg. I normally don’t really bother about what happens to external side of mine. Even if I am not in a good position, I won’t say anything. The other night too, I didn’t say anything except for the fact that I really wanted to scream so loud because of the pain being totally unbearable for me. I somehow was on the bed only under the blanket trying to bear the pain silently. I did have pain-killer but they didn’t do much. I had one before going to bed and had one within next 2 hours again. I thought I shall get some sleep before I shall wake up for the travel but I couldn’t sleep at all. Before that my alarm could wake me up, I was already done from shower and all and was waiting for the travel to start. The travel itself didn’t start of too well. I was going to catch an early flight, in the afternoon time. And the best way to catch that was to catch up a fast train. Normally that train is on time but yesterday, it was late for about 30 minutes and since I was on a very tight travel schedule, I couldn’t afford to be late. I was waiting desperately for the train to arrive and fortunately, it did arrive without getting more delayed. I didn’t have breakfast thinking that there would be one served in the train and it wasn’t completely wrong too, it was indeed served. Well, if you want to call two slices of bread with two cutlets a breakfast, may be it was served. My leg pain and headache was traveling with me ( and were really comfortable I believe) so I thought to take a leave from them by going to sleep but that too didn’t happen, thanks to 3 kids around me who were jumping everywhere saying something in their own language to each other and one kid which was not able to jump around but was standing behind my seat on his father’s legs, tapping on my head all the time. The kid’s parents were not really bothered about what their kids were doing and were busy in eating ,sleeping or chatting to each other. I did want to sleep so much but then I gave up the idea. Yeah, I know you must be thinking that why I didn’t listen to my iPod Touch? Simply because I was already having a really bad headache and any sound was just increasing it.

Somehow, I managed to reach Delhi on time. There was a big argument between me and the cab drivers for the charge. I don’t know why people think that all the others around are just fools and whatever they would say, all will accept without any problem. Well, not for me since I won’t accept anything just like that. They were charging me a fortune and I was not at all ready to pay that much. Some how, all the dust settled and I left for the airport. I was going to fly from the new airport, Terminal 3. This was my first time to travel from there and I must say, I am VERY pleased with it. Its truly a very nice airport and despite that I have seen only the domestic terminal, I can safely say that the international terminal would be equivalent , if not better , to it. I was going to have food given within the flight but I was so hungry that I decided to have something from the airport. Well, though I am very happy with the airport shops look and feel, I am not sure that I can say the same about the food that I had yesterday. I had a sandwich from Subway which was not really not that great as I thought it would be. Though it wasn’t so good but it still did prove to be a good decision that I had that from the airport because the food that I had within the flight was even more worse than it too. And the experience within the flight wasn’t really over-whelming as well.

Normally, Kingfisher airline is considered to be a good airline. Well, if someone is like me who has traveled with all the airlines, I would say that they all are same but still, its okay, not great but just okay. But I believe , it also is facing some serious cost-cuttings because the food that was served within the flight was not at all good. I can get much better food on some road-side stall. The in-flight entertainment system was getting hanged all the time, got rebooted as well ( its using Linux ) still didn’t get any better. Also, the programs coming over it were really boring( for me). I was already having headache so I just threw off the darn earphones and was looking around. Besides me, there was an airhostess sitting ( sleeping actually) with her ipod on her ears. There was another guy sitting next to her with his iphone 4 plugged deep in his ears. In the row beside mine, there were three airhostesses sitting with their ipods inserted in their ears. Almost all within the flight had either an ipod, iphone or some swanky phone which they had plugged into their ears. I was just lost seeing all this to be honest. I feel that even though I am working with among the most complex computer technologies available, still there is nothing of it that I use for me. Not sure what I was thinking at that time and even now too. In all of this thinking, finally it was announced that we have reached at Banglore.

I thought I shall be getting to my hotel on time since it was about 5:30pm when my flight landed at airport. But I guess, because of headache my mind stopped working and I forgot that I am at Banglore which is known for two things for sure, good weather and bad traffic. No doubts, the weather is good, in fact its really cold here,  just like back at my home and it’s not good since I am having a little fever. Anyways, the bad traffic was really bad yesterday. After waiting for almost 30 minutes for luggage, when I finally started for my hotel, I had a clear idea that I am going to be so late to reach there and that’s exactly the same what happened. I reached at about 8pm at my hotel and I was tired like dead. I ordered some food, had a cup of tea and was on bed. I wanted to study but there was no energy within me to do so. Leg pain was again increasing and so was headache so I woke up and had two Penadols. I was able to sleep for some time after it but then again woke up at about 3 , not sure why. I was not able to sleep back for about an hour after that. I was thinking I don’t know how many things at that time and don’t know when did I sleep back again.

I got ready and got at the venue. Well, I met a really stupid fellow there who made me so upset right in the morning itself. It wasn’t even 10am and I was so much upset and was burning with anger. Within the session, there are 2 guys and 1 gal who has attended my previous sessions and were happy to see me again. About the module, its a real tough one and to add to me woes, 8 machines , out of 14 got messed up on the first day itself. I have managed to bring up 4 but there are still 4 more pending which I would try to check and repair tomorrow. Hope they do get sorted out without too much of trouble. The whole group of guys are quite good. We have just started the week so let’s see how the rest of the days follow.

I came back at about 6:30pm and had a cup of tea. Though the leg pain is a little better now( its still there) but the headache is so much bad. I shall see if I can eat something and have a pain-killer to make it go away. There is tons of stuff that I need to study before tomorrow starts and with a headache within head and not-so-good-mood,I am not sure how successful I shall be in my attempt to do so. I am feeling so much tired and sleepy as well and that’s just not what I need at this moment when I have so much of work to do. Sigh!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Travelogue & iPod Touch….

I was supposed to continue from this yesterday itself but I got back quite late, wasn’t feeling well ( this has not changed even now too) and was busy “playing” so couldn’t write. So first, about travel, its partially finished. The reason I am saying partially finished is because that the last 2 days travel is over but there is another one starting “very early” morning tomorrow. The last 2 days one got successfully over and despite all the odds i.e. health issues and mood not being fine, I managed (somehow) to get it complete on a good note. Though it was an easy session but due to issues that I have mentioned, it proved to be a real tough nut to crack. Anyways, its done now and its done okay so its now time to worry about the next travel which is going to be far more tougher than this one. That’s all is there for the travel part. Next, about a “little” shopping that I did yesterday itself.

I am not much into buying things for me. I do buy for others a LOT ( even I did buy yesterday too)  but its very rare that I shall buy something for just me. But someone “very special” has taken a promise from me that I shall buy something for myself for sure and I may not have anything good in me but one thing is surely true about me and you can bet on it, I shall give my head but won’t let words given by me fall apart, especially given to some very selected people. Its needless to mention that “someone” is one of those “few”. So I did go yesterday and bought for myself an 4th generation iPod Touch. I didn’t ever own a music device for me and definitely never owned myself an Apple product. Though my sister owns an iPhone 3gs but it was never me. I wanted to buy a new phone for me but the one I want to buy , its not yet launched in India so I had to think about something else and that’s the best I could think. I didn’t want to buy any other model (and neither the new iPhone4) of iPod because its not just music which I would be listening over it. I have already put couple of my oracle books over it and I shall be reading them whenever I shall get some time. I am not much into playing games ( I am lost in thoughts rather than being lost in playing games) but I do like playing Angry Birds ( have only the free version of it but it’s okay) so I hope I shall play that one on this iPod touch of mine. Though I am happy to have this device with me but I am more happy to hear that because of whom I bought this, that person became so happy because of me buying it.

I shall be doing the bag packing and other stuff in a while and after that, will be going to bed early since there would be a very early start of the day for me. I hope all goes well. Let’s see.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Don’t Travel When You Are Sick….

….But you can’t skip too if you really have no choice in your hands. That’s kind of same what happened with me as well. I am back from day 1 of 2 travel almost an hour go and I am feeling really burnt. Why? First, I am not feeling well and as I said just now, don’t travel when you are sick, especially not for work, again for which I traveled today. Second, not in a good mood. Actually, in a really bad and upset mood and in my field of work, its not a good combination when you are in an upset mood and is out for work. Its a torture, plain torture! Mix bad mood with fever and you have got everything you need to mess things up, being cranky and feeling like that earth must part and you disappear inside it without leaving a trace even! I have got another day of working left before I shall get a break for a day and then the BIG time travel will start. I am not sure that I would be able to sort out my health and mood by that time. Let’s see what happens.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

An Evening Spent With Myself….

I passed last almost 3 hours sitting on a bench in a park which is nearby to my home. I go there when I am in a specific mood. That bench, on which I sit, is like a faithful friend who never says anything, never asks me to leave, never questions me anything but just lets me sit there as long as I wish. Usually there are lots of people in the park but fortunately for me, today there were almost none. There were few kids who were playing for some time but then they left too because it was really cold in the evening today. I should had not sat there too because of not being so well (its not a good idea to sit in cold when you have fever)  but there was no other place for me to go except that one and as I said, that bench never asks me to leave or even asks me why I have come there so that’s the best place for me to be with myself. What I was doing there? Well, I was appearing to be sitting quite outwardly  but I was thinking a lot of things inside. Did I manage to get somewhere in that thinking process? Well, no I guess but I did become quite and so did something else which was dropping constantly from eyes when I reached there.

A Masterpiece, Mein Tenu Samjhawan Ki….

If you are a regular here, you must be aware about this that I have started putting some of my favorite songs and their translations in English here so that people, who don’t understand Hindi, Punjabi or may be they do but not at a very deeper level, can still listen and enjoy these songs as well. I don’t know that whether others like these songs too but hey, its my blog so the content would be that only which I would like and want to put, right? :) . Anyways, so I have put several songs over here already and you can find them by a little bit of browsing. Today also, I am going to put one song and its translation here but the funny part is that I myself had not listened to it before ever. Its today evening itself when I heard this song for the first time. Though I have been mentioned about this song already before but I never did pay much attention to listen to it. Today, by chance when I heard the starting of this song, I couldn’t stop me from listening to it till the end and then again listening to it one more time. You can imagine this that its 4:24am here and I believe I am listening to this song since 7:30pm non-stop while being on my bed. It did come as god send only today because I am not feeling well at all and listening to it did make me pass the night. If you have read this, you must be aware that I am not able to sleep anyways since last couple of days and when one is sick, it becomes even more tough to close eyes. And at that time, there is nothing better than listening to some good music. Yes yes, I can read my Oracle stuff too ( I know who would be saying this :) ) but I didn’t want to so the 2nd option is just music :) . I guess it goes without saying that I I liked this song so much and that’s the reason that I decided to put it here along with its translation. I am sure you must be wondering which song is this about which I am talking about? Well its from the movie(Punjabi) Virsa which means heritage and the song is Mein Tenu Samjhawan Ki . I haven’t seen the movie myself yet so I can’t say how it is and that’s probably is the reason that I have missed listening to its music as well otherwise I would had already listened and translated this song! The music score of the movie is by Jawad Ahmad and this song, Mein Tenu Samjhawan Ki is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan with two lines in-between by a lady singer with the name Farah Zala( I can’t seem to find a reliable webpage of her and to be honest, have never heard about her too before but the two lines she has sung in the song, are really really good) .

The song is a sad song and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, with his voice, has made it sound really so painful and yet so melodious. The song depicts the pain of a guy whose beloved has left him and within this song, he is talking to that gal in his thoughts and telling her what he is going through and in how much pain he is in without her! I may have not seen the movie but the song’s stills, which are in the official video of this song( I shall be putting it here as well), matches so well with the so deep and painful lyrics of it. The male actor, who has enacted the role of this guy, Arya Babbar, did a fabulous job of depicting the pain of a broken hearted lover who is just wandering on the streets with pain in his eyes and appearing like lost while searching for his beloved in each and every corner. Simply superb! You can listen to the audio of the song from here. As I just mentioned that the song has an official video as well,  so below is that very video from YouTube.


The song’s lyrics are in Punjabi. So first, I am putting below the original lyrics in Punjabi,

Nain jeena tere baajhon, nain jeena!
Nain jeena tere baajhon, nain jeena!

Main tenu samjhawan ki,
Na tere baajhon lagda jee!
Tun ki jaane pyar mera,
Main karaan intezar tera!
Tun dil, tunhion jaan meri!
Main tenu samjhawan ki,
Na tere baajhon lagda jee!

Main tenu samjhawan ki(repeat)

Main tenu samjhawan ki(repeat)

Mere dil vich reh k,
Mere dil da haal na jaane!
Tere baajhon kalleyan beh k ronde nain nimaane!
Jeena mera haye marna mera,
Naale tere c!
Kar aitbar mera,
Main karaan intezar tera!
Tun dil, tunhion jaan meri!
Main tenu samjhawan ki,
Na tere baajhon lagda jee!
Main tenu samjhawan ki,
Na tere baajhon lagda jee!

“Female voice starts”

Ooo Ve changa nahion keeta beeba,
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba,
Dil mera tod ke!
Ve bada pachtaaiyaan akhaan,
Ve bada pachtaaiyaan akhaan,
Tere naavain jod ke!

“Female voice ends”

Sunjhiyaan sunjhiyaan dil dian galiyaan,
Sunjhiyaan merian baawan!
Aaja terian khashbowan nu,
Labhdiyaan merian saahanvaan!
Tere bina haaye,
Kiven karaan door udasi,
Dil bekarar mera!
Main karan intezar tera!
Tun dil, tunhion jaan meri!
Main tenu samjhawan ki,
Na tere baajhon lagda jee!
Tun ki jaane pyar mera,
Main karaan intezar tera!
Tun dil, tunhion jaan meri!
Main tenu samjhawan ki,
Na tere baajhon lagda jee!

Main tenu samjhawan ki,
Na tere baajhon lagda jee!


And below is the translation for the same in English.

Won't live without you! Won't live!
Won't live without you! Won't live!

How do I explain to you?
Without you, my heart is anxious!
What would you know about my love!
I am waiting for you.
You are heart, you are my life!
How do I explain to you(repeat)
How do I explain to you(repeat)

Even when you stay within my heart,
Still you don't know a thing about condition of my heart!
My humble eyes cry sitting alone in the absence of yours!
Me being alive, me being dead,
Both were with you only!
Trust me,
I am waiting for you!
You are heart, you are my life!
How do I explain to you?
Without you, my heart is anxious!

“Female voice starts”

You didn't do this right oh decent,pretty girl,
You didn't do this right oh decent,pretty girl!
That broke my heart into pieces!
These eyes regretted so much,
These eyes regretted so much,
That they bonded with you!

“Female voice ends”

Pathways of heart are deserted,
Deserted are these arms of mine!
Come as the redolence of yours,
Is what my breaths are looking for!
Without you oh baby,
How do I overcome sadness?
My heart is restless,
I am waiting for you.
You are heart, you are my life!
What would you know about my love?
You are heart, you are my life!
How do I explain to you?
Without you, my heart is anxious!
What would you know about my love!
I am waiting for you.
You are heart, you are my life!
How do I explain to you?
Without you, my heart is anxious!

Just one word, nothing else and nothing more for the song before I close the post, AWESOME!  Oh yes, just in case, you are thinking that all the songs that I listen are just sad, hold on your comments because the next one is NOT going to be a sad one but would be a romantic song :) . Any guesses ;) ?